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The September Monthly Meeting excitingly coincided with International Data Week, where several CDI members were able to participate and meet each other in Denver. Still, we forged on with our regular monthly virtual meeting - the last of fiscal year 2016.

Slides and recording are available at the September Monthly Meeting wiki page.

CDI FY17 Request for Proposals

First, Kevin Gallagher, one of the executive sponsors of the Community for Data Integration, announced the FY17 CDI Request for Proposals. 2-page statements of interest are due by October 14! 

See here for more information about the CDI FY17 RFP, including the official guidance document, link to registering to submit your statement of interest, and recording of the information session. Resources & Paperwork Reduction Act and Development of a Generic Clearance

Alison Parker of the EPA and James Sayer of USGS presented on recent work and resources for citizen science and crowdsourcing projects. Importantly, there are efforts underway to make it easier to complete the paperwork to get a citizen science project up and running. 

James is leading this effort for a “Generic Clearance” that will help USGS citizen science projects. In order to help him collect information, please do contact him if you are planning a citizen science app in the future! He would like to know estimates of number of participants and observations.

CDI in FY17 - Interactive polling and feedback for the Annual Meeting and More


Finally, in preparation for FY17, we held a polling and feedback session to guide topics and activities for the upcoming year, especially for planning our in-person Annual Workshop

 These polls are still open if you’d like to contribute:

  1. Warm up, What is CDI to you?
  2. Working Group activities
  3. Trainings
  4. Hands-On Sessions
  5. Bonus Round



Some highlights are:

  • we can do more to let the wider community know about our CDI working group activities
  • we want to have more information about tools and data assets that are available to us through our agency 
  • we want to learn about web-based mapping and visualization tools


I may be biased, but I think it was a great way to wrap up FY16, and I’m looking forward to all of the events and activities in the year ahead.

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