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The FY17 Annual Community for Data Integration Request for Proposals (AKA FY17 CDI RFP) is underway, with 2-page Statements of Interest accepted until October 14, 2016.

Participate in the CDI RFP this year by submitting a Statement of Interest, commenting and voting during our community voting period, or volunteering to be a reviewer for the full proposal panel. Contact with any questions or suggestions.

The RFP funds impactful data integration and management ideas. High marks are often given to proposals that implement or demonstrate innovative solutions that could be used or replicated by others. Thus, many projects produce methods papers to describe their implementation. Two examples of such publications that have come out of CDI funded work are:

From sbtools: An R package for ScienceBase:

Winslow, LA, S Chamberlain, AP Appling, and JS Read. 2016. sbtools: A package connecting R to cloud-based data for collaborative online research. The R Journal 8: 387–398.

From National Dam Removal Database: A living database for information on dying dams:

Duda, J.J., Wieferich, D.J., Bristol, R.S., Bellmore, J.R., Hutchison, V.B., Vittum, K.M., Craig, Laura, and Warrick, J.A., 2016, Dam Removal Information Portal (DRIP)—A map-based resource linking scientific studies and associated geospatial information about dam removals: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2016-1132, 14 p.,

If you were part of a past CDI-funded project and have a paper or product to link to your project page on ScienceBase CDI Community, let us know!

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