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The Tech Stack Working Group

The Semantic Web Working Group

  • Sept 8: Check-in: individual members discussed semantic web efforts in our day jobs.

  • On-going themes: desire for semantic versions of gazetteers that provide geospatial relationships between places. Value of controlled vocabulary keywords in scientific metadata that identify observation or measurements that are included in the data. How can we effectively publish linked data in the USGS this year?

  • Semantic Web WG meeting page

  • Next meeting: October 13, 2-3pm Eastern

  • Contact: Fran Lightsom

The Data Management Working Group

  • Sept 12: New Process and Analyze pages on the Data Management Website - Steve Tessler, NJ Water Science Center; Michelle Chang, Core Science Analytics, Synthesis, and Libraries

  • Meeting page and recording

  • Next meeting: Nov 14, 2-3pm Eastern

  • Contact: Viv Hutchison

The Communication Working Group

  • Sept 6: Continuing discussion of the CDI Communication Plan, edits for FY17, and prioritization of tasks

  • Oct 4: Plan to analyze CDI membership for gaps and review of relevant September feedback from the interactive session for identifying Communication needs

  • Communication WG page

  • Next meeting: November 1, 3:30-4:30p Eastern

  • Contacts: JC Nelson and Marcia McNiff

Metadata Reviewers Community of Practice

Science Center Strategy Development Working Group

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