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8/7/18 DevOps: Meet the Software Development Cluster, Migrating to Amazon Web Services at Cal Poly
8/9/18 Tech Stack: EarthSim Lightweight Python Tools  
8/13/18 Data Management: Preserve
8/15/18 Citizen-Centered Innovation: Report to Congress
8/30/18 Software Development: A Deeper Dive into Git

8/7/2018: DevOps meets the Software Development Cluster

Project Management Sync

Michelle Guy gave an overview of the CDI Software Development Cluster activities. Sharing information across different CDI collaboration areas is a great way to learn from related, but separate, groups of expertise. DevOps expressed an interest in being more informed of other CDI activities and we shared the CDI Calendar.

SysAd and Developer Sync

Paul Jurasin, Theresa May, and Ben Butler, of California Polytechnic State University shared their experiences from their institution’s migration to Amazon Web Services. They stressed the importance of introducing enough training to accompany new tools, the importance of putting people first and keeping them informed during major institutional shifts in technology, and the importance of acknowledging different skills, values, and priorities of different groups of people (such as developers, systems people, and infrastructure people.) Thanks to the presentation team for sharing their experiences in a major enterprise migration to the cloud.

A slide from the Cal Poly team's presentation on migration to Amazon Web Services. 

8/9/18 Tech Stack: EarthSim Lightweight Python Tools

Dharhas Pothina, from the US Army Engineer Research and Development Center, presented on EarthSim: lightweight python tools for environmental simulation. EarthSim provides a set of tools that can easily be reconfigured and repurposed as needed to rapidly solve specific emerging issues. By interacting and visualizing data in the browser, it is easier to deliver products to customers, and allows users to run the tools locally or on HPC.

EarthSim is a website and github repo, a place to try things out and see examples.

See the recording on the joint CDI Tech Stack / ESIP Tech Dive website.

8/13/18 Data Management: Preserve

The Data Management Working Group focused on the “preserve” theme in August, with two presentations.

Chris Bartlett, USGS Records Officer and Chief, Information Management Branch, presented on the relationship between Records Management and Science Data.

Larry Reedy, Records Disposition Coordinator, presented on the NARA ARCIS system to submit scientific records to Federal Records Centers.

See the slides and recording on the DMWG meeting page.

A slide on records management areas from Chris Bartlett's talk. 

8/15/18 Citizen-Centered Innovation: Report to Congress

Topics discussed at the August Citizen-Centered Innovation call included

Contact Sophia Liu,, for more details.


8/30/18 Software Development: A Deeper Dive into Git

George Rolston from USGS Cloud Hosting Solutions shared his knowledge and enthusiasm for Git, in particular, different Git branching strategies.

He shared the following resources:

The recording is accessible from the Software Development meetings wiki page.


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