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Looks like October brought back collaboration area activity in full swing. Here are October’s topics and discussions in reverse chronological order!

Data Management 10/29/2018: Trust Repositories, but FAIR-ify, puns on FAIR data

The Data Management Working group held a special session - Wade Bishop of University of Tennessee presented his findings on a data fitness-for-use study. In his study he asked participants to consider a recent example of when they searched for data and decided if it was fit for them to (re)use. Then he asked questions related to each of the elements in the FAIR data framework (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable). Wade provided many fine puns on “FAIR” (if that is FAIR to say) and quotes such as “Deciding if data is fit for reuse is kind of like thumping on a melon or smelling bread before you buy it.” (Maybe you had to be there?) Participant quotes provided interesting insights, such as the metadata-data disconnect - do people understand how metadata and keywords are helping them to discover or use data? Perhaps if data providers do such a good job in making data FAIR, the data consumers will not even notice, they will just happily reuse the data. Slides can be found on the DMWG meeting page.

Software Development 10/25/2018: Discussing the USGS Git Migration Plan

The Software Development Cluster discussed a draft Git migration plan (link accessible by Dept of Int) for USGS. Last June, an announcement about the USGS Git Platform (link accessible on the USGS network) was distributed. Members of the Software Development Cluster are providing information to help USGS code repository owners meet the requirements on the announcement. Note that the plan is still in early draft and open to suggestions. The contact for the plan is Eric Martinez,

Subduction Zone Focus Group 10/18/2018: Cascadia Recurrence Project Meeting Notes

The Subduction Zone Focus Group posted notes from their October meeting, summarizing ongoing projects, new members, and other opportunities. Topics included land-level changes along the Olympic Peninsula, SZ4D Research Coordination Networks, a Cascadia Recurrence database, a Mendenhall Fellowship focused on Cascadia landslides now being advertised, automated turbidite analysis, tsunamis, and recent papers and reports from the M(agnitude)9 project.

Snapshot of a data compilation for a Cascadia 3D seismic model, summary of the locations of 34 individual controlled-source wide-angle seismic imaging experiments dating to the 1960s. (T. Brocher)

Bioinformatics 10/16/2018: CDI Request for Proposals Discussion

The Bioinformatics Community of Practice had a discussion about the newly released CDI Request for Proposals, including what is in scope, how to meet the 30% in-kind match, and how the two-phase selection process works. Notes can be found on the RFP Collaboration forum.

Tech Stack 10/11/2018: Building a SpatioTemporal Feature Registry

The Tech Stack group didn’t have a live meeting, but Sky Bristol made a video demonstrating some of the concepts behind a SpatioTemporal Feature Registry. The group was encouraged to ask questions about the video using our wiki page. Further discussion is at the ESIP-hosted IdeaScale ideation page.

Semantic Web 10/11/2018: semantic approaches to enable FAIR data at USGS

The Semantic Web working group discussed semantic approaches to enable USGS data to be FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable). They used the list of FAIR Principles at, which includes links to explanations. Notes can be viewed at their meeting page.

eDNA CoP 10/2/2018: Examples of recent eDNA data releases

The eDNA community of practice created a page sharing recent example data releases for environmental DNA.

DevOps 10/2/18: Develop Intelligence training opportunities

In FY19, DevOps will consolidate to one meeting per month with both Project Management and SysAd/Developer Topics. Sarah Battani from Develop Intelligence gave an introduction to their DevOps Academy training opportunities.

Metadata Reviewers 10/1/2018: the state of USGS Metadata

The group took stock of the state of USGS metadata: and challenges and needs.

Fran set up a wiki page at as a place to share resources on Metadata Reviewers training.

Learn more at the CDI Collaboration Area Page.

View the CDI Calendar to see upcoming meetings.

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