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June 13, 2019

Topic: Contributing to the USGS FAIR Roadmap

Discussions centered on persistent identifiers for metadata records and vocabularies that are consistent with the FAIR principles.

After a good discussion, the next step on persistent identifiers for metadata records will be to talk to Lisa Zolly about whether DataCite DOI's could be used.

After another good discussion, the first step for FAIR vocabularies would be persistent identifiers for keywords, which is related to encouraging or requiring keywords that are from online vocabularies, and will be a step toward interoperability of vocabularies through use of ontologies.

March 14, 2019

Topic: Semantic Web elements at 2019 CDI Workshop

The draft workshop agenda and descriptions of workshop sessions can be reached from the workshop confluence page.

In addition to sessions about FAIR and integrating data and models, we could also have a separate SWWG breakout during the collaboration areas time.

What should be our strategy for contributing to the workshop?

Notes from the meeting:

Discussion circled around, returning repeatedly to the 2019 Workshop, and also touching repeatedly on the importance of machine-readable FAIR (findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable) data in USGS. Ken spoke about the breakout group he is co-leading at the workshop, which will include semantics in the context of predictive modelling, intersecting with artificial intelligence and machine learning. We came back repeatedly to the importance of semantics in artificial intelligence and machine learning, and how that is a higher standard than a human-readable version of FAIR. Peter and Alex from USmax expressed their interest in semantic technologies and being a leader in finding solutions for automated semantic reasoning. They have a different perspective on the importance of USGS producing data that is FAIR in the strict machine-readable sense. 

Discussion settled for a while on the importance of standard data dictionaries for machine interoperability and re-use of USGS scientific data. First steps would be establishing a register of existing data dictionaries (NWIS WaterML) and participating in USGS scientific communities to let people know about appropriate existing data dictionaries. VOID (vocabulary of interconnected data) was a source and example that was mentioned.

Peter Kessler offered to be a point of contact for our group within USmax and mentioned some publications he will refer us to.

February 14, 2019

Topic: CDI FAIR in USGS Proposal and Workshop Ideas


  1. Proposal progress update
  2. Workshop discussion

Proposal Progress:

  • Collaborators contributing to draft content writing, review after this meeting!
  • Data Management Plan - Suggested product is a paper to summarize the workshop. 
    • Other suggestions? 
    • Also, collaborators have proposed to do some pre-workshop surveys to get the view point of a broader audience. Thoughts on this?
    • Notes:
      • Survey is a good idea, try to get feedback from those who aren't "insiders" to DM activities for reality check
      • Additional products - packages of learning or training materials, website/ web page, road map (format?)
      • Communication plan audiences - CDI meeting, Data Management leads for SciBase, CSS brown bag, ESIP, NA bat monitoring

Workshop Discussion:

  • Quick poll! (code - #A388)
  • Initial Workshop Ideas
    • Comments?
  • Question to group: Should we include a session on new approaches and technologies to further enhance FAIRness at USGS?
    • Focus on integrated cloud-based technologies as part of an enterprise data management approach.
    • The SDLC is a good model for scientists to publish data through FSP, but we'd be talking about something (i.e. DAMA) more comprehensive and appropriate for data management and technology solutions supported at the Bureau level.
    • Given, this would be a highly theoretical conversation since processes and infrastructure are not in place, but likely will be in the next 5 to 10 years, so would it still be worthwhile?
  • Notes:
    • The poll was fun, interesting to learn about what others are exploring. Great to see expertise in data standards. Also, lots of interest around AWS applications and what's possible with CHS... Maybe a future CDI cluster... If someone want to lead or co-lead (email - Cassandra Ladino,
    • Have a session at the CDI Workshop as preparation on FAIR training and opportunity for sharing the survey
    • Having a new or future technology session is a good idea, BUT needs to be focused since this is a huge topic area. Might fit best in the "getting all the way to FAIR" track as a special session. 
    • Probably not appropriate or of interest to the majority, would have to consider audience (final attendee list) to see if we could make a productive session. We will try to make sure those who would be interested (i.e. OEI and CSS staff) have an opportunity to participate. Always good to connect OEI staff with science whenever possible anyway! 
    • If you have ideas for the workshop please make comments (here) before March 1st when the proposal is due.

Some references for use of integrated cloud-based technologies:

**Upcoming Webinar**

2019 Real-World Data Governance Webinar Series: 

Metadata Governance for
Catalogs, Glossaries, Dictionaries, and Data (register here)

Webinar from DATAVERSITY &
Robert S. Seiner of KIK Consulting &

Next Thursday, February 21 at 2 pm ET

Free to all attendees.

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