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Metadata Reviewers, 12/3/2018 - Q&A and resources on creating and reviewing metadata

The Metadata Reviewers group met and continued to share resources for effective metadata review. Among the topics that they discussed:

The group also has recent Q&A posted on their Metadata Discussion Forum.

Group contact: Lightsom, Frances L. (

Data Management Working Group, 12/10/2018 - Pubs Warehouse, ISO for USGS, and the DOI Tool

The DMWG had three very informative presentations in December!

    • Kelly Haberstroh – Updates about the Publications Warehouse

    • Dennis Walworth – Updates on ISO for USGS: content specifications and current status of ADIwg

    • Lisa Zolly – Updates to the Digital Object Identifier Tool

Group contacts: Hutchison, Vivian B. ( and Ladino, Cassandra C. (

CDI DMWG wiki page

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, 12/11/2018 - Sharing AI/ML work at the USGS

John (JC) C Nelson hosted the first AI/ML CDI call and discussed plans for the group. Over the next several months, we will hear from different researchers around the USGS that are incorporating AI/ML techniques into their work. The group will also be a forum for questions for practitioners, such as one asked by Michelle Guy: Are people doing AI/ML work in the cloud, on local GPU hardware, or another option?

The group will stay in touch with another USGS effort focused on AI and image processing. This group was initiated in the Ecosystems Mission Area and is led by Mona Khalil. Mona held calls on 12/18 and 12/19 that focused on hearing about current activities and resources for AI and image processing.

Both groups mentioned the dl_tools lectures and toolboxes that were developed and presented by Unknown User ( and others with support from the CDI!

For lessons:
For tools:

Group contacts: John (JC) C Nelson ( and Doucette, Peter Joseph (

dl_tools method schematic from

Tech Stack, 12/13/2018 - JupyterLab Extensions

The Tech Stack group invited Ian Rose (University of California, Berkeley) to demo “Developing JupyterLab Extensions.” Ian took us through a live demo of the process of building a JupyterLab extension. “In fact, the whole of JupyterLab itself is simply a collection of extensions that are no more powerful or privileged than any custom extension.”

For fun: From the JupyterLab documentation: Let's Make an xkcd JupyterLab Extension

Group contacts: Blodgett, David L.  and Signell, Richard P. 

Visit the joint Tech Stack and ESIP Tech Dive webinar page to see the next few months of topics!

Completed xkcd extension screenshot
Image from the JupyterLab documentation:

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