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CDI Workshop - From Big Data to Smart Data

At the March 13, 2019 monthly meeting, CDI’s executive sponsor Kevin Gallagher talked about the theme of this year’s CDI workshop: From Big Data to Smart Data - this concerns turning our huge volumes of diverse data into usable, actionable, integratable, or “smart” data. Registration for the workshop (June 4-7, 2019 in Boulder, CO) is open and can be found on the workshop wiki page.

We heard presentations from three FY18 CDI Funded Projects:

Nonindigenous Aquatic Species Alert Risk Mapper

Wesley Daniel Daniel, Wesley Michael presented on the Nonindigenous Aquatic Species Alert Risk Mapper and reported that the team will be posting a write-up of their challenges transitioning to ArcGIS Pro as part of their outcomes. See more accomplishments on their ScienceBase page.

Transition to ISO metadata

Dennis Walworth Walworth, Dennis H. and Fran Lightsom Lightsom, Frances L. presented on the Transition to ISO metadata project and reported that the project team will host several activities at the CDI workshop, they are looking for users to test their interface. They are using the previously-funded mdEditor application (ScienceBase page) in their work.

CDI Risk Map, Risk Workshop Report, and New Risk Community of Practice

Nate Wood Wood, Nathan J. and Jeanne Jones Jones, Jeanne M. presented on the Department of Interior Risk and CDI Risk Map. They reported many links that are available for Department of Interior users to test out, including data description, codebase, the risk map, GeoServer, and the API. CDI members, go to the meeting page and log in to view their slides - links are on the last slide.

The DOI Risk Workshop Report is out! Wood, N., Pennaz, A., Ludwig, K., Jones, J., Henry, K, Sherba, J., Ng, P., Marineau, J., and Juskie, J., 2019, Assessing hazards and risks at the Department of the Interior—A workshop report: U.S. Geological Survey Circular 1453, 42 p.,

The newly formed Risk Research Community of Practice is getting started, get in touch with Kris Ludwig Ludwig, Kristin A. and Dave Ramsey Ramsey, David W.  at to learn more.

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