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Metadata Reviewers, 4/1/2019:

Summary extracted from notes of Fran Lightsom Lightsom, Frances L. , lead of the Metadata Reviewers group:

Sheryn Olson Unknown User ( demonstrated the metadata collecting system used by to encourage discussion of how it might be simpler and easier to use, as well as good ideas that the rest of us can copy. is part of the Pacific Northwest Aquatic Monitoring Partnership (PNAMP) and uses the metadata to provide an index of monitoring activities, especially the ecology of streams of the U.S. Pacific Northwest, and the procedures, protocols, and monitoring designs that are in use.

View more notes and the presentation slides on the Metadata Reviewers Meetings page.

DevOps Sync, 4/2/2019: DevOps at Housing and Urban Development

Summary provided by Derek Masaki Masaki, Derek , co-lead of the DevOps group:

Presenters: Kevin Portanova, Director of IT for Public and Indian Housing, and Mel Hurley, DevOps Manager. The presentation provided an overview of the shift that HUD is taking away from traditional on-premise IT operations toward cloud-focused DevOps. Kevin and Mel took us through their process of re-organizing a contractor based IT environment, re-factoring their development process, and creating a Federal employee centric staff oriented toward Agile and a DevOps workflow in the Microsoft Azure environment.

See the slides on the DevOps Meetings page.

Data Management Working Group: 4/8/2019: USGS Trusted Digital Repositories and a USGS Data Manager Position Description Series

The DMWG heard two presentations, first from John Faundeen Unknown User ( and Natalie Latysh Latysh, Natalie   about  “Becoming a USGS Trusted Digital Repository,” and second from Viv Hutchison Hutchison, Vivian B. and John Faundeen on “Progress on a USGS Data Manager Position Description Series.

The slides and recording are posted on the meeting page.

Tech Stack Working Group, 4/11/2019: Pachyderm

John Karabaic presented on Pachyderm, a data science platform that lets you deploy and manage multi-stage, language-agnostic data pipelines while maintaining complete reproducibility and provenance. Read the docs here:

Tech Stack calls are joint with the ESIP Interoperability and Technology Tech Dive Webinars. You can review the recording here.

Bioinformatics Community of Practice, 4/16/2019: White Shark eDNA

Kevin Lafferty Lafferty, Kevin D. , senior ecologist at Western Ecological Research Center, presented on White Shark eDNA. In recent work he has been refining methods to get better data from white shark eDNA. Kevin is based in Santa Barbara, CA, and surely made many people jealous while describing data collection with instruments on paddle boards.

View the recording on the Bioinformatics Meetings page.

Kevin is looking for new collaborations within USGS and you can email him at if interested. (Remember: data collection with instruments on paddle boards.)

Sophia Liu Liu, Sophia led a discussion covering many topics, including the OSTP Draft Report to Congress for the Crowdsourcing and Citizen Science Act, a Dept of the Interior Generic Information Collection Request, the USGS Open Innovation Strategy, the Website, including USGS CCS Projects, and Past and Upcoming Events like the Citizen Science Association (CSA) Conference - March 13-17, 2019, and the Federal Crowdsourcing Webinar - Episode 1: Citizen Science, and upcoming Federal Crowdsourcing Webinars that can currently be found on this page: Sophia’s use of Mentimeter added a great element of interactivity to the meeting. See more on the group wiki page.

Risk Community of Practice, 4/18/2019: Communities of Practice and User Engagement in ShakeCast

Kris Ludwig Ludwig, Kristin A. and Dave Ramsey Ramsey, David W.  lead the Risk CoP and hosted a call with presentations about the benefits of communities of practice (Leslie Hsu lhsu, CDI Coordinator) and user engagement in the development of ShakeCast (Dave Wald Wald, David J. , Seismologist).

With respect to user engagement, Dave shared several titles that present “logical approaches for bringing products to users,” including The Power of Habit, Contagious, To Sell is Human, Nudge, Made to Stick, Diffusion of Innovators, and The Undoing Project. Book club, anyone?

View the presentations and recording on the Risk Meetings page.

Reads related to user engagement recommended by David Wald.

Software Development Cluster, 4/25/2019: Building Connections and Desktop Installers/Code Signing

Cassandra Ladino Ladino, Cassandra C. led a discussion on building connections, inspired by this Better Scientific Software post: Building Connections and Community within an Institution.

The group had recently fielded a question about desktop installers, and the challenges of code signing. An internal site on application and script signing was shared. Some group members were also of the opinion that providing a method to install your application using Anaconda (on all OSs) was adequate.

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