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The May 8, 2019 CDI Monthly Meeting featured two CDI project teams and a presentation about NSF-funded lidar data management capabilities.

ICE! Ice Jam Hazard Mobile-Friendly Website

Hans Vraga presented on the motivation and technical details of an Ice Jam Hazard website and reporting system. The cloud-first system demonstrated use of the latest cloud technologies in a USGS mobile-friendly application. Hans is part of the Web Informatics and Mapping (WIM) team, that develops web-based tools that support USGS science and other federal science initiatives. You can see some of their other projects here: 

Investigation of Lidar Data Processing and Analysis in the Cloud

Jess Walker presented on her experience in developing a workflow for lidar processing and analysis in the cloud for USGS datasets. Working with the USGS Cloud Hosting Solutions team, she searched for solutions for processing and analyzing smaller-size (long-tail) lidar datasets using software like Entwine ( and Potree (

OpenTopography: Long tail topographic data management with the Community Dataspace

Chris Crosby from UNAVCO showed how OpenTopography ( facilitates community access to high-resolution, Earth science-oriented, topography data, and related tools and resources. He also described upload and archiving for small to moderate sized topographic datasets in the Community Dataspace.

The OpenTopography Tool Registry provides a community populated clearinghouse of software, utilities, and tools oriented towards high-resolution topography data (e.g. collected with lidar technology) handling, processing, and analysis.

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