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In addition to the meetings described below, several collaboration areas met during the face-to-face CDI Workshop in Boulder, CO, June 3-7!

Tech Stack 6/6/19 - Google Dataset Search

Chris Gorgolewski presented on “Google Dataset Search: Facilitating data discovery in an open ecosystem."

Talk description: There are thousands of data repositories on the Web, providing access to millions of datasets. In this talk, I will discuss recently launched Google Dataset Search, which provides search capabilities over potentially all dataset repositories on the Web. I will talk about the open ecosystem for describing and citing datasets that we hope to encourage and the technical details on how we went about building Dataset Search. Finally, I will highlight research challenges in building a vibrant, heterogeneous, and open ecosystem where data becomes a first-class citizen.

Related links: (Accessible when not signed in with a Dept of Interior Google account),

Slide from Chris Gorgolewski's talk on Google Dataset Search.

The recording can be found on the ESIP Tech Dive meetings page. Dave Blodgett and Rich Signell are the group leads.

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning 6/11/19 - Strategic Science Planning at USGS

Pete Doucette provided a review of recent AI/ML-related Strategic Science Planning at USGS. This included thoughts captured from the recent USGS 21st Century Science Workshop (May 2019) at the National Conservation Training Center, and the CDI Workshop in Boulder, CO (June 2019).

The recording can be found on the AI/ML Meetings page. Pete Doucette and JC Nelson are the group leads.

Semantic Web 6/13/19 - Contributing to the USGS FAIR Roadmap

The Semantic Web Working Group's June discussion centered on persistent identifiers for metadata records and vocabularies that are consistent with the FAIR principles. The group identified next steps on persistent identifiers for metadata records (could DataCite DOIs be used?) and next steps for achieving FAIR vocabularies (persistent identifiers for keywords, which is related to encouraging or requiring keywords that are from online vocabularies, and will be a step toward interoperability of vocabularies through use of ontologies.)

Text contributed by Fran Lightsom, SWWG lead! See more at the SWWG meeting notes page.

Risk 6/20/19 - Engineering and Risk; Strategic Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (SHIRA)

The group heard an engineer's perspective on risk from from Nico Luco who discussed the Earthquake Hazards Program's “Engineering and Risk” project, that contributes to delivering information for building codes and risk assessments. Next, Nate Wood provided an overview of the "Strategic Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (SHIRA) on DOI Resources" Project, including an introduction to the DOI Risk Map, related data resources, and a relative threat matrix currently in development. This month’s summary is contributed by Risk CoP co-lead Kris Ludwig!

See more at the Risk Community of Practice Meetings page.

Related publication: Wood, N., Pennaz, A., Ludwig, K., Jones, J., Henry, K, Sherba, J., Ng, P., Marineau, J., and Juskie, J., 2019, Assessing hazards and risks at the Department of the Interior—A workshop report: U.S. Geological Survey Circular 1453, 42 p.,

Software Development 6/27/19 - CDI Workshop Report Out

The Software Development Cluster welcomed new cluster co-lead Jeremy Newson, and reminded participants that the USGS Software Management Website is up and running at

At the June meeting, the cluster reviewed the many related sessions at the CDI workshop, including Software Release Q&A, the Software Development Cluster Breakout Session, a Software Release Practicum, and a Software Birds-of-a-Feather Lunch. Discussions in those sessions included considerations and ideas for cross-USGS collaboration, institutional support, and software developer career paths at the USGS

Some ideas and take-aways from the discussions include:

  • Should there be a “developer shop” or “center of excellence” where Science Centers could hire/ source Software Developers for projects?
  • Hiring of software developers at the USGS could be better coordinated to support career development.
  • An agency-specific tool to find people, skills, code reviewers, and existing software would improve collaboration.

Full notes can be found at the workshop Slides, Recordings, and Notes page (if you log in as a CDI member). Cassandra Ladino, Michelle Guy, and Jeremy Newson are the cluster leads.

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