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In an effort to consolidate USGS hosted Wikis, myUSGS’ Confluence service is scheduled for retirement on January 27th, 2023. The official USGS Wiki and collaboration space is now SharePoint. Please migrate existing spaces and content to the SharePoint platform and remove it from Confluence at your earliest convenience. If you need any additional information or have any concerns about this change, please contact Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.
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Screenshots from the USGS COVID-19 Case Finder and Viz Palette - two resources discussed at the July Data Viz call.

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning,  7/14 - Gage Cam - computer vision for water surface elevation

Daniel Beckman presented on Gage Cam, a low cost, custom built wireless web camera paired with a custom deep learning algorithm that allows for a computer vision method to measure water surface elevation (stage). Daniel's slides also cover a list of additional topics include U-Nets, synthetic data, algorithms for text, suggested books on deep learning, and more!

Slides and recording at the AI/ML Meeting Notes page.

Data Management, 7/13 - Collections management Informational Memo and Center-level collection management plans

Lindsay Powers presented on a new Collections Management Instructional Memo (IM CSS 2019-01) and associated website, released last August, providing policy and guidance for the management of scientific working collections.

Brian Buczkowski, from the Woods Hole Coastal and Marine Science Center, presented on Center-level collection management plans, which can help ensure that these samples and specimens continue to have value as assets to the public and scientific community.

Slides and recording can be found on the meeting notes page.

Data Visualization, 7/2 - Kickoff meeting COVID-19 Case Finder

Chuck Hansen from the California Water Science Center presented on the COVID-19 Case Finder, built on Tableau. The app that allows a USGS employee planning a trip to get COVID information on their destination, with preloaded USGS facilities and gage sites. A conversation on color maps ensued, sharing tools like this one - - which enables you to import your own color schemes and see what they look like based on different types of color deficiencies.

The Data Visualization group plans to hold quarterly calls. See more at their wiki page.

Fire Science, 7/21 - Climate-fire science synthesis

As fire continued to increase in July, Paul Steblein and Rachel Loehman led the Fire Science Community of Practice call. After a Fire update from Paul, Madeleine Ruben stein from the Climate Adaptation Science Centers presented on a workplan to conduct a synthesis of Climate-Fire Science.

Join the Fire Science mailing list here.

Metadata Reviewers, 7/6 - Metadata for software and code

Eric Martinez joined the Metadata Reviewers group to chat about different types of code releases, different options for code repositories at USGS, code.json documentation, and more. He shared some links including the USGS Software Management website and the code.json schema, where controlled vocabularies can be found (search for 'enum' for enumerated lists).

See more notes on the Metadata Reviewers meeting notes page.

Model Catalog Working Group - Scientific model categorization and finding information about USGS models

A working group that is advising on the development of a new USGS Model Catalog was briefed (by email) on the sources used for populating the initial model catalog and asked about categorization of models by type and action. Project updates can be seen on this wiki page. Anyone interested in contributing to the direction of the model catalog can find out more on the working group home page, subscribe to the mailing list, and get in touch with the point of contact, which would be me, Leslie Hsu,

Risk CoP, 7/16 - Project presentations from the FY19 Risk RFP awardees (Round 2)

Four speakers gave final Risk project presentations on the topics of the global copper supply disruption from earthquakes (Kishore Jaiswal), how scientific research affects policy and earthquake preparedness (Sara McBride), the Hazard Exposure Analyst Tool (HEAT) (Jason Sherba), and ecological forecasts for risk management (Jake Weltzin and Alyssa Rosemartin).

See more at the Risk CoP meeting notes page (sign in as a CDI member to view).

Semantic Web, 7/9 - the Semantic Zoo

A group from the Semantic Web WG discussed the article "The Semantic Zoo - Smart Data Hubs, Knowledge Graphs, and Data Catalogs." This led to a discussion on the basic question of "How do we get data cleaned up so that many different places can use it?"

Usability Resource Review, 7/15 - Mobile UX Design Principles and Best Practices

Sophie Hou posted a resource review on Mobile UX Design Principles and Best Practices. The resource addresses topics like creating a seamless experience across devices, allowing for personalization, good onboarding practices, using established gestures, mobile layout design, focusing on speed, minimizing data input, and more.

See the full review and summary on the resource review wiki page.

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