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In an effort to consolidate USGS hosted Wikis, myUSGS’ Confluence service is scheduled for retirement on January 27th, 2023. The official USGS Wiki and collaboration space is now SharePoint. Please migrate existing spaces and content to the SharePoint platform and remove it from Confluence at your earliest convenience. If you need any additional information or have any concerns about this change, please contact Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.
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Slides from Dan Beckman's presentation to the Software Development Cluster, where he discussed the creation of synthetic data for training artificial intelligence algorithms.

Data Management, 8/10 - Department of Interior Records Management Repository and Data Exit Story Time on "the data they left behind"

Lynda Speck and Jim Nagode from the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation presented on their records and document management cloud solution, eERDMS. Tara Bell, Robin Tillitt, and Sue Kemp shared experiences on "Departing Scientists and the Data They Left Behind." Recording and other resources at the wiki meeting page.

DevOps, 8/4 - EPA Data Management and Analytics Platform DevOps

Dave Smith from the Environmental Protection Agency presented on "EPA Data Management and Analytics Platform DevOps." Included in the discussion was - How to get to DevSecOps? (How to add Security to Development and Operations.) "Security as usual breaks DevOps automation." Recording and slides available on the DevOps meeting page.

Fire Science, 8/18 - Department of Interior Wildland Fire Information & Technology Strategy

Roshelle Pederson from the Dept of Interior Office of Wildland Fire presented on the Wildland Fire Information & Technology Strategy. The discussion included the role of USGS research and successful paths to integrate research information, data, and tools in fire management information systems. Join the Fire Science mailing list here.

Metadata Reviewers CoP, 8/3 - Metadata for public release of legacy data

Tara Bell, Matt Arsenault, and Sofia Dabrowski led a discussion on metadata for public release of legacy data for which full documentation is not available.

Risk, 8/11-8/13 - Annual Risk Meeting

The Risk Community of Practice held their Annual Risk Meeting virtually, from August 11-13. The meeting agenda included a keynote on "An evaluation of the risk of SARS-CoV2 transmission from humans to bats" by Mike Runge, a session with the EarthMAP project management team, presentations from FY19 Risk Proposal Awardees, a risk analysis panel discussion, virtual networking, and sessions on engaging diverse stakeholders and tools for virtual stakeholder meetings. To join the Risk Research and Applications Community of Practice, visit

Usability, 8/19 - Human-Centered Approach and Usability

Jamie Albrecht from Impact360 Alliance presented on Inclusive Problem-Solving to Reduce Natural Hazard Impacts & Disaster Risk. Inclusive problem-solving is Impact360’s process to bring together natural hazard researchers and practitioners to solve wicked problems. Several contributing foundational frameworks on the topics of mutual gains, joint fact finding, systems thinking, design thinking, social innovation, and equity-centered community design were introduced for consideration. Notes, slides, and recording are accessible on the meeting page.

Software Dev, 8/27 - Synthetic data and build process for AI imagery and deep learning methods

Dan Beckman presented on "Synthetic data and build process for AI imagery and deep learning methods." He described a solution for the challenge of not having enough training data, using synthetic stand-in data to make the volume of data needed. Dan referenced some code he used from Adam Kelly and here is a related medium post. Read the post to follow up on the statement "I’ve found, from both researching and experimenting, that one of the biggest challenges facing AI researchers today is the lack of correctly annotated data to train their algorithms." Software Development Cluster wiki page.

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