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Email if you have any questions.

Please note that the wiki is public space, where users can update poster or demo information up until the abstract submission and poster image submission deadlines 

What is it? 

  • The “Blast” is a poster and demonstration session (a CDI tradition going back to 2009!)
  • Everyone attending the workshop is encouraged to participate. 
  • It’s an opportunity to leave the confines of the auditorium Microsoft Teams, meet your esteemed colleagues, share information and explore ideas on data integration, and help build our community!
  • Presenting participants can choose between a digital poster, or a demo (screenshare capability and no poster file, similar to sitting at a table with a laptop during in-person DataBlasts), and have the option to also present their work with in a lightning talk session.

When is it? 

  • There will be two DataBlast Sessions at the workshop. 
  • Tuesday, May 25, 4-5:30 pm Eastern: Lightning Talks to introduce the posters and demos on Microsoft Teams (It is optional to submit a lightning talk.)
  • Wednesday, May 26, 4-5:30 pm Eastern. On and hosted by our collaborator, Earth Science Information Partners. The space provides an interactive environment where you can move around the poster and demo hall and interact with your peers.

How can I participate?  

  • Registered attendees will receive links to join the DataBlast sessions. If you want to share your work, mark on your Eventbrite invitation that you intend to submit a poster or demonstration to the DataBlast (See ‘How can I make changes to my eventbrite invitation’ on the 2021 CDI Workshop FAQ page for more information).

See the decision tree image and instructions below for more information on submitting a poster or demo abstract. We intend the lightning talks to be related to posters or demos. Submit your abstract by April 30! Email if you have any questions!

Instructions for submitting an abstract (poster or demo) (by Friday, April 30, 2021)

Please submit your abstract by Friday, April 30, 2021 

  1. CDI members will be able to complete this process. Check your membership on this page, if you are logged in, you will see all members. To become a member, enter your email at
  2. USGS employees: Abstracts and posters should be approved according to the usual procedures in your Center for public access. (See more
  3. Please log in and click the blue button "+ New Topic" to submit your poster and/or abstract. 
    1. Note: If you are not currently a CDI member, you may experience difficulty submitting the form. If this is the case please send your poster title, abstract, and authors to 
  4. Compose and save your abstract in a separate document before copy-pasting into the wiki system. Abstracts should be 200 words or less.
    1. Note: If you run into an error when clicking "next", try entering just a text snippet like "text" into the description box and advancing to the second page before pasting in your full description. We are working on fixing this issue.
  5. On the second page of the template, you will be able to specify the title of your poster as the title of the page. 

Instructions for submitting a poster image (by Friday, May 14, 2021)

Please upload an image of your poster by Friday, May 14, 2021

  1. Please log in and select your poster session abstract from the forum below (select your poster by clicking on the 'Topic' title). 
  2. Select the 'Edit' option in the top lefthand corner of your browser.
  3. Attach an image of your poster by selecting the 'Insert Files and Images' option at the top of the browser.
  4. Select 'Upload files', choose your poster image file, and select 'Insert'. 
    1. The image must be: 
      1. in .png,  .jpg, .gif, .webp format (You can export Powerpoint files into these formats.)
      2. at least 1000px for the width
      3. at least 600px for the height 
      4. max 3MB in size
  5. Select 'Update' in the bottom left hand corner of your browser.

Submit your Abstract!