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The main goal of this project is to maximize the value of expensive animal tagging data. We propose to do this by helping scientists understand patterns in their own tagging datasets and by helping scientists, funders and agencies communicate tagging data to decision-makers and to the general public. We also hope to contribute to and gain exposure for USGS data visualization capability. Interactive visualizations have emerged recently as a valuable tool for identifying patterns in complex datasets that are typical of ecological tagging studies. To make it easier and faster for users to gain access to interactive movement visualizations, we propose to develop the algorithms and web-based software platform to allow users to upload their own data into a data visualization showing dynamic movement of tagged individuals across habitats. The overarching goal is to develop algorithms that are flexible enough to accommodate any animal tagging data, and to provide a user-friendly interface that people will be encouraged and excited to use with their own data. We are using six test cases, ranging from 1-dimensional stream networks to 3-dimensional marine habitats, to test the application and to get feedback from data owners on application usability.

Science Support Framework Category: Applications

Author(s): Ben Letcher, Leetown Science Center, SO Conte Anadromous Fish Research Center,, Jeff Walker, Walker Environmental Research LLC,