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The CDI is a group where members can grow their expertise on all aspects of working with scientific data. The CDI focuses on opportunities to share information across disciplines and organizational structures, invigorating cross-boundary communication. CDI is funded and lead by the U.S Geological Survey, but is open to all who generate, use, and communicate about scientific information.


  • Advance understanding of earth systems through enhanced use of data and information and associated tools and techniques
  • Provide a forum for people doing work with data integration to come together and learn how to do their job better
  • Advance overall USGS capabilities with data and information by increasing visibility on the work of many people throughout the USGS

Collaboration Areas

Collaboration areas are the lifeblood of the Community for Data Integration. The whole CDI is considered a community of practice, and there continues to be value in getting the entire group together every month and once a year for a larger workshop. These venues provide working groups to compare notes and for new community members to get in touch with what's going on. However, the "real work" of the community is done on a smaller scale within the collaboration areas where size is small enough to ensure the topics being pursued are relevant to everyone'e regular job.

Workshops and Meetings

The CDI holds monthly meetings and in-person workshops for the entire community. Individual collaboration areas set their own meeting schedule.

Together the monthly forums, collaboration area calls, and in-person workshops provide a key component in the networking and sharing among community members.




Who can join the CDI?

The CDI is open to anyone who is interested in our community’s topics and activities.

Who manages the CDI?

CDI is funded and managed by the Science Analytics and Synthesis (SAS) Science Data Management Branch (SDM) with support from the Associate Director of the USGS Core Science Systems (CSS) Mission Area and the USGS Office of Enterprise Information (OEI). SDM provides Bureau-wide leadership to optimize and share USGS science data management practices and workflows.  SDM designs, supports, and builds community around enterprise tools and services that align with the USGS Science Data Lifecycle to ensure scientific data are fully described, preserved, and publicly accessible.

What is the contact information for the CDI?

For questions and/or to become involved in CDI, contact:

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