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A quick update from today's call....
We spent most of the call looking at a Google Doc (link below), adding items that we thought we might want to include on the Exit Survey.  We also spent some time talking about our experiences in dealing with something like this, as well as how we might go about disseminating the Survey.
Homework: I'd like everyone to take a look at the Google Doc and add to it any items they think are missing.  After the week, I'll take the list and consolidate the information into groups of topics so that we have something more organized to look at during our next call.  Speaking of which, our next call will be in two weeks, same day and time.
Notes/comments from meeting:
  • Currently, when people leave, we have a range of responses when we ask scientists to leave us their information.  Some just hand us a hard drive, some take the time to document the data sets/files with readme documents.  Some leave without warning and are gone the next day.
  • Want to consider that not just scientists will need this form.  Admin folks (and others) are also leaving, and we need a way to collect information from them too.
  • Formal Q&A will be useful for helping format the Survey.
  • Need to let folks who they can talk to for help (Records Management people, Science Data Coordinators, in-house staff, etc.)
  • We also discussed who would give the Exit Survey.  Suggestions included: supervisor, person leaving, current data management lead in the office (if they have one).
  • It was suggested that we may want to make a recommendation about how much time to dedicate to filling out this information.  The thought is that if we make a recommendation (such as "please plan on leaving 15% of your remaining time to devote to filling out the Exit Survey and documenting your data and files") that it might help emphasize to people that this is not something they can do in an hour on their last day.
  • We need to have some language in the document that explains why this information is needed (and ramifications if the information is not collected, etc.).
  • We also discussed where the information collected by the Exit Survey would be kept.
  • We want to link the Survey to as many existing groups, websites, and programs that are out there that users might be able to go to for help.  Examples: Data Management website, Data Rescue Program, data management professionals.
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