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Exit Survey WG Meeting – August 1, 2014


  • Matt, Tom, Ed, Linda, Lisa, Chris Skinner, Lori, Chris Bartlett, Heather


  • Matt Cannister  (with the Nonindigenous Aquatic Species Program, Southeastern Ecological Science Center, Gainesville, FL) - he's been working on his own version of this project in his office, and after talking to him, I think he has a lot to share based upon his experiences so far
  • Carol Reiss (unable to attend today)  – notes from her experiences
  • Review comments/edits/formatting on ES document


Matt Cannister:

  • works on metadata for office, asked to work with outgoing scientists to secure their data before the person leaves
  • starts out with "20 questions for metadata" form, and interviews the scientist.  Begins with metadata and then asks for data.  Data is placed on Science Base as temporary storage.
  • Hurdles:
    • Hard to find out who is leaving
    • Completing metadata
    • Getting data - issues with embargo
  • Success story:
    • Branch chief wrote into exiting scientist's performance plan that required data turned over to Matt before the scientist left
    • (only happened once)
  • Chris Bartlett asked if Matt had run into any issues related to litigation.   He had not.  Might be a good topic for discussion in a later meeting as most folks probably aren't aware of the issues related to litigation.
  • Good suggestion: before Matt interviews the scientist, he looks online to find out information about the scientist and their projects.  That way he goes into the interview with some background information.

Carol Reiss email:

  • Heather recapped an email from Carol about her experience in working with a departing scientist.  One of the takeaways was that it may be assumed that all of the data has been categorized for a scientist, but they may have literally a cart full of data that hasn't been.
  • The scientist she worked with was grateful for her assistance/effort - nice to see!
  • Carol had a question about emeritus status and data ownership.  Chris B. talked a bit about it, and we decided to continue the discussion via email so that Carol and others could participate.

Exit Survey Form:

  • We started to look over the newly-reformatted version that Ed created; the one of the Google Drive is not being used.  Heather went through and cleaned the file up a bit before the meeting, and we have started to go through the remaining comments.  We'll continue where we left off at the next meeting.
  • Heather will send out the current version of the doc in case anyone wants to add edits.
  • Decision: we're going to continue to refer to this as a "Science Data Exit Form" (as opposed to a "Data exit form") to keep us focused.  While we realize non-scientists need a form like this, we want to get this initial form out as soon as possible.  Trying to create a form for everyone to use would be impossible.  It was suggested that once the form is finished and disseminated, we can add a note that this form can be used as a starting point to create more specialized forms for programs, mission areas, etc.


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