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Attendees: Ed, John, Linda, LIsa, Lori, Heather
  • Lisa had a chance to talk with the library folks at Denver.  Essentially, the library folks don't know someone is leaving unless they see the 9090 form come through.  They try to make contact with the research scientists to see if they have any materials, but often don't get a response.  This is due in part to the fact that they are finding out so late in the process, close to when the person is leaving.  It would be helpful to know this earlier.  There are some limits to what they can accept - the library was set up to accept some geology-related items.  This is due to the history of the Survey - each Discipline had their own way of handling things.  They have traditionally handled field samples and historical photos (including those that are not part of geology).  The have tried to contact scientists for photos that are from their official projects.  They also would like to be able to know when publications are being posted in case there are photos appropriate to their collection.  So... the question is - what to do about other Mission Area's physical collections?  Also, the library is not set up to take in extra collections (limited space and staff).
  • Based upon these conversations, Lisa is going to get a list of potential questions together that would help the library staff obtain information about a scientist and their collection before they are headed out the door.  An important note about her meeting - they were very excited to hear about the form, that they were being asked about the questions, and that the form might help them know about these collections earlier.
  • Heather offered to talk with the Science Data Coordinator Network reps to see if the Mission Areas have anything set up for handling physical collections.  If anyone else in the WG has someone they can ask about this, please feel free!
  • During the next meeting we'll need to talk about who we want to have review the draft, and what sort of timeline we want to work with.  We'll also need to talk about what format we want to offer the form in (paper?  electronic? both?).


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