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Here are some suggestions of post-workshop gathering spots to continue the conversation.

Feel free to add other suggestions by editing the page or leaving a comment!

Federal Center Area


HH 4p - 6.3p
Seating area by bar can be used by a group of 10-15 first come-first served.
They do have reserved rooms for private parties if we have a known quantity and are interested in reserving space (Sheri Casey, Group Sales Manager, at 303.989.3562).
Tasty food if full dinner or just happy hour apps. Little pricier option than others.
Food style: continental sit down
HH 3p-6p
Can accommodate a group of 10ish without reservations. They have a covered patio area that would work well for a larger group.
If we think we might have a larger group - call to reserve ASAP (303.988.5666)
Food style: sports bar & grill

Demarras Bourbon Bar and Eatery 

HH 2p-7p - wine only for 2p-6p
Made a reservation for Tuesday, 5/16 5-6ish for a group of 20. If we think we might have a larger group/smaller group we can call and update.
Food style: sports bar & grill


HH 3p-6p
Upstairs/roof patio first come-first served depending on weather. Could reserve space if we get a headcount.
Food style: Pizzeria/bar

Jaunt to Union Station Area


W-line to C/Eline
Revamped beautiful historical building. Happy hour option in open seating arrangement - bench tables at the Terminal Bar.
Food style: sports bar - fancy (reservations needed for Mercantile, Stoic & Genuine, Cooper Lounge)

PS303 - PS on Tap

(Public School 303) - short walk from light rail @ 1959 16th St.
HH (recess) 3.3p-6.3p
303.297.2700 @ 1634 18th Street
Also short walk from light rail. Typically good at accommodating large groups.
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