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Below are example Budget and Data Management Planning Form Templates to be submitted along with CDI FY17 Full Proposals via the online proposal management system (

Budget Template

Applicants are required to use the Budget Template (Excel)

Below is a listing of information required in the template. Include the following categories of information, separating the CDI funds from the in-kind match:

  • Personnel (Salaries including benefits)
  • Travel Expenses (for each Trip)
  • Other Direct Cost Line Items (Equipment/Supplies)
  • Total Direct Charges
  • Indirect Charges (Overhead)

The budget template and example will be available once PI's have been notified of their acceptance to submit a full proposal.

Download: Budget Template [.xlsx] & Budget Example [.xlsx]   ***Insert as many rows as necessary for Personnel, Trips, and Items.


Data Management Planning Form Template

Applicants are required to use the Data Management Planning Form Template and submit in a PDF format.

As required in the template, include the following categories of information Data/Metadata; Digital/Electronic Products; and Publications. 

Download: Data Management Planning Form Template [.docx]   ***Please submit as PDF

All products resulting from CDI projects must comply with the new Office of Science Quality and Integrity Instructional Memoranda about data management. These products must be freely shared, without charge or restriction, with or made available to the CDI, the broader USGS community, and beyond as appropriate. Products and publications resulting from CDI projects may be published or posted on public Web sites and online collaboration and data asset sharing sites hosted by USGS (e.g. ScienceBase) and other organizations, subject to USGS product and publication release guidelines and requirements as well as in the CDI online community (

  • Digital/Electronic Products - CDI projects are encouraged to develop and deliver all software applications and digital technology products that are as inclusive and as freely available as possible. Software applications, digital technology products, snippets of code etc. should be non-proprietary and maintained in a USGS Bitbucket Repository.
  • Data/Metadata - All data assets and information products generated as part of the CDI project must be documented using recognized metadata standards as appropriate (International Standards Organization (ISO), Content Standard for Digital Geospatial Metadata (CSDGM)) and published in a DOI-approved or broadly recognized metadata clearinghouses such as the USGS sponsored CSASL Science Data Catalog and Proposals must indicate which products will be accompanied by metadata records and where those metadata records will be published. Proposals should also indicate any data assets that will be used in the course of the project that have existing metadata records and either provide a direct reference (e.g. persistent URL or digital object identifier) or explanation for where they may be found and accessed. Applicants may also reference the USGS Data Management website for applicable policies and best practices (
  • Publications – CDI projects are strongly encouraged to include completion of at least one official USGS publication such as a fact sheet or open file report as part of their project deliverables. Proposals indicating plans for employing official USGS publication and media outlets such as the USGS blogs, Weekly Issues Reports, press releases, podcasts and other approved social media channels for promoting their project and its deliverables throughout the fiscal year will be viewed favorably. All official USGS publication products resulting from CDI-funded projects must be submitted to the USGS IPDS and produced in accordance with USGS publishing and review guidelines. Unofficial documents (e.g. informal, unpublished user guides, data dictionaries, application code, etc.) resulting from CDI projects should be shared with or made available to the CDI, the broader USGS community, and beyond as appropriate.

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