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Below are example Budget and Data Management Planning Form Templates to be submitted along with CDI FY18 Full Proposals via the online proposal management system.

Budget Template

Applicants are required to use the Budget Template (Excel)

Below is a listing of information required in the template. Include the following categories of information, separating the CDI funds from the in-kind match:

  • Personnel (Salaries including benefits)
  • Travel Expenses (for each Trip)
  • Other Direct Cost Line Items (Equipment/Supplies)
  • Total Direct Charges
  • Indirect Charges (Overhead)

The budget template and example will be available once PI's have been notified of their acceptance to submit a full proposal.

Download: Budget Template [.xlsx] & Budget Example [.xlsx]   ***Insert as many rows as necessary for Personnel, Trips, and Items.

Data Management Planning Form Template

Applicants are required to use the Data Management Planning Form Template and submit in a PDF format. This year's form is different from past years, make sure you have the current version of the form.

As required in the template, choose proposed product types from the following list:

Data Release:      A formal USGS data release that will go through FSP review and approval
Mobile Application: Interactive application built specifically for a mobile device
Presentation:    Slides, video, or other presentation media
Publication:        Peer-reviewed publication (USGS or external journal publication)
Software:               Executable or compiled code that can be downloaded
Source Code:      A code repository for the project's source code
Web Application: Interactive application that runs on a web browser
Web Link:              Project webpage, wiki page, white paper, or online resources that do not fit other categories
Web Service:      A service endpoint URL where your service can be accessed by a client application

Download: Data Management Planning Form Template [.docx]   ***Please submit as PDF

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