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Here's where people can upload their 5 minute "How To Videos". The purpose of these videos is to contribute to the pool of knowledge. Feel free to make a video on something high or low tech.

How to make a screen capture using Camtasia. You'll need to visit cnet for the Camtasia download.

How to make a screen capture using Active Presenter. You'll need to visit the Active Presenter website to download.


  1. Thanks for setting this up, Daniella! Is there  a way to increase the resolution on the recorded file? Some of the menu text was a little hard to make out. Not a show stopper for these presentations but might be nice for other topics. 

    --EDIT-- (in the vein of "let me google that for you", I'm at least starting to answer my own question)

    here is a tutorial on settings for ActivePresenter from their help forum (where you can browse and ask other questions); also noticed they've posted some of their own videos on

    1. Unknown User (

      Sure, I'll look into changing that. Which one did you find blurry? It should be as easy as changing a setting right before you go to export as an mp4.

      1. Looks like "video size" and "quality" are the two main controls, although not real clear on how these interact w/each other. I think "key frame" limits the number of points to which a user can move the progress slider during playback.

  2. Is there a reason to hide the potential how-to videos in confluence?  Wouldn't they get broader viewing and perhaps credit if they were on the USGS youtube channel?  Perhaps there's more editorial control exerted there, so not so easy to do.  I hope there is a way to add links to instructional videos we may have posted elsewhere.

    If I had a video I wanted to upload to here, how would I add it?  Will there be a searchable index or some form of organization for when we have hundreds to sort through?

    Thanks! Ellyn


    1. Unknown User (

      Eventually, if we get a good collection going, we can definitely look into putting them on the USGS youtube channel or some other more accessible website. If people have links to existing videos, that's great! To upload a video or add a link to an existing video, just click "Edit" in the upper right hand corner and edit the page to add videos to the list.

      1. Thanks!  I wonder if we could change the link style to indicate which are to videos.  I hadn't realized that the  link to how to do things on Camtasia was a video- assumed it was to text instructions.

        1. Unknown User (

          Turns out there's a macro for that! Just go to "insert" select "other macros" select "media" and it lists the video macro there. Thanks for the suggestion! The autoplay is kind of annoying.....can't figure out how to turn it off though.

          1. Seems to be a bug they gave up on in 2011, calling it "resolved" by blaming the browsers--see 3rd bullet in Notes section). -1 for Atlassian.

          2. Thanks Daniella!  That makes it much more obvious :>  Agreed the autoplay is obnoxious.  Per Roland's note- bad Atlassian, blamig the browser!