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The following establishes internal guidelines for posting USGS science information on the Community for Data Integration (CDI) Wiki. All USGS collaborators are responsible for ensuring that this guidance is followed when posting information to the CDI Wiki.

USGS Policy Compliance

To ensure science quality and integrity, USGS Fundamental Science Practices (FSP) policy requires that any information products (including Web pages) containing scientific information receive appropriate peer review and Bureau approval prior to release (refer to SM 502.4 and SM 205.18).

The CDI Wiki will be open to the public and will primarily be used as a forum for meeting notices and technology discussions. Other uses may be identified as the CDI Wiki evolves. Interpretive USGS science may not be publicly released on the Wiki without prior Bureau approval; to ensure compliance with this requirement, password-protected options will be provided to appropriate USGS staff as needed during the collaboration process of developing science information.\

Guiding Principles

  • Ensure that USGS science credibility and integrity are maintained.
  • Provide opportunities for the free flow of ideas among all interested parties.
  • Support a collaborative communication and development process to fully capture the steps in knowledge development.
  • Educate community members and enable them to monitor the content they are producing within the bounds of USGS policy requirements.
  • Provide an evolving structure for different types of content.

Partner Wikis

The CDI partners with a variety of organizations and communities, some of whom have similar Wiki forums for online content. The following serve as content examples and are sites with which the CDI community will often collaborate:

Content Managers

CDI Wiki contributors must be aware that the content they create and edit may be viewed by anyone, including the general public, and that the content they manage must comply with USGS policy. Information contained in attachments to postings must comply with USGS policy requirements.

Content Restrictions

  • Content Types That Must Not Be Posted on the Wiki:New interpretative science.
    • Example: NWIS Snapshot Tool documentation, which may include user documentation, technical documentation, code, and code comments.
    • Actions:Use the password restriction feature in Confluence to limit the viewing of this content to USGS collaborators. A restriction can be set up on a top-level page so that all secondary pages will carry the same restriction. The titles of these pages will be viewable only by those listed in the restriction.
      • To set up a restriction, go to Tools and select Restrictions. In the window that pops up either type the names of the individuals with access to the restricted page(s) or type the name of a Confluence group (e.g. cdi-tswg) to restrict the viewing of that page to that group. Carry on conversations under the restricted pages and once the Bureau approved work is published (by USGS, in a peer-reviewed journal, or elsewhere) the reference to the published work can be added and viewable by the public.
  • Content Types That Require Review and Approval Before Posting on the Wiki:Previously published interpretative/some non-interpretative science; Web pages with scientific material referenced by previously published resources; preliminary or other information (for example, add the citation or URL to a published Open-File Report).
    • Example: New engineering path for an open source product
    • Actions: Follow the FSP Procedures for Review and Bureau Approval of USGS Science Information Products ( before publishing this content. Use password restriction feature outlined above for USGS staff as they develop draft documents during the collaboration process prior to Bureau approval and release.
  • Content Types That Do Not Require Approval:Agendas, meeting announcements, member rosters, and related material.
    • Actions: Review content for accuracy. No approval action is required before posting.

Statement of Non-endorsement of Commercial Products and Other Appropriate Disclaimers

If brand-name products or commercial entities such as laboratories are mentioned, it is necessary to include the standard USGS product non-endorsement disclaimer statement ("Any use of trade, product, or firm names is for descriptive purposes only and does not imply endorsement by the U.S. Government.").

To ensure visibility of the USGS and the Department of Interior (DOI) Web site policy with regard to liability and non-endorsement, the following disclaimer will automatically be included on all pages throughout the CDI Wiki:

  • DOI liability and non-endorsement policy and USGS liability policy applies.

Depending on the information posted, additional disclaimers may be necessary. Contact a Bureau Approving Official (BAO) in the Office of Science Quality and Integrity with any questions about the use and placement of appropriate disclaimers.

Science Center/Program Procedures

Science Centers/Programs may have specific procedures or other restrictions or requirements regarding some content published to the Web, and the CDI Wiki content managers are expected to be aware of and adhere to these rules. For example, peer review requirements for some abstracts, posters used in poster sessions, and presentation materials are at the discretion of the Science Center Director.

For More Information

Questions concerning these guidelines may be directed to

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