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As part of networking and sharing knowledge and experience, the CDI has expanded its community approach through Working Groups that form around common interests, help address challenges, and identify solutions that enable data integration efforts. Working Groups have one or more leads and membership is open to all employees, other government agencies, and external organizations. Some Working Groups have also further subdivided into smaller Focus Groups that address more specific issues and report up to their respective Working Group.

A group committed to facilitating and enhancing connections between the USGS and the citizen science community; supporting the proper, effective, and creative use of citizen science data in the USGS; and engaging the public in USGS science to improve scientific literacy.

A new group (2016) that has emerged from the USGS Science Data Coordinator Network, focusing on science data communications and cross-cutting information management issues.

A team that explores the use of cutting edge mobile tools, frameworks, and "thingbots" to support scientists, including wearable computing devices, cellular-based tracking devices, and other mobile science support tools. This team serves as a forum for members to exchange ideas, promote coding and design best practices, and discuss technical and design issues. The group will also facilitate collaboration by promoting joint projects and working with vendors to gain insight into new technologies being developed.

A team dedicated to developing mechanisms for incorporating data management into science, raising awareness of its importance and value, and promoting the elevation of the practice of data management as a critical partner in the pursuit of science.

The purpose of this group is to develop a community of practice for people who review metadata, so that the standards across the USGS are consistent.

The purpose of this group is to share content related to data science at the USGS.

Driven by Earth science needs, this group engages members of thematic communities, such as water or land cover, to help develop and share methods, data, software, and conceptual models for their appropriate use within theme-specific applications, as well as for their integration in multi-theme contexts.

 The purpose of this group is to continue and strengthen a framework for facilitating cooperation and coordination among Federal agencies in research and development of multimedia environmental models, software and related databases.

A team focused on exploring Semantic Web technologies as possible solutions for integrating and exposing related but disparate data sets.

A group that concerns a broadly defined and applicable set or "stack" of technology that can be used to promote the management and use of data and processing services and tools as well as enhance interoperability between individual services to help scientists pursue more integrated science.

A community of practice for people who work with Structure from Motion (SfM) technology, in order to connect with each other and share ideas, expertise, and resources.

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