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Last Updated: Friday, April 17, 2020

Disclaimer: This wiki page is not an official list of COVID-19 resources and is not intended to endorse any non-governmental product, service, or entity. The purpose of this page is to provide examples of different types of open innovation efforts emerging in response to COVID-19. For official COVID-19 information, please visit:

The following is a curated list of links to novel coronavirus COVID-19 open innovation efforts and other interactive dashboards, maps, and visualizations from the usual and unusual players, as well as other spontaneous open innovation efforts around the world. Federal agency acronyms and other source information are included in parenthesis. For the Community for Data Integration (CDI) members with login access, feel free to update this page with resources you know of or provide comments below with any questions, comments, or feedback (such as how to best organize, display, and tag each resource as the current categorization is rough). Hopefully these COVID-19 open innovation resources inspire similar work at USGS and CDI  in terms of how we integrate and communicate data, how we understand and communicate risk, and how we contribute and use open innovation efforts that can inform the decisions we all are having to make in our professional and personal lives right now in this global crisis.

Interactive Dashboards, Maps, Visualizations

Government Resources

The Usual Players

The Unusual Players - Spontaneous Efforts

Other Resources

Tips & Tricks of Leveraging Existing Crowdsourced Data

Open Innovation Efforts

Federal Open Innovation Efforts

Citizen Science

Challenge, Prize Competitions, and Hackathons

Crowdsourcing with Digital Volunteers

Distributed Computing

Open Innovation Efforts Continued

Contact Tracing - Crowdsourcing Mobility

Crowdsourcing Curated Lists

Open Science

Open Source Software

Open Source Hardware

Maker Movement

Making this Resource Interactive and User-Friendly

Potential Platforms to Share and Promote these Resources

Tools to Develop an Interactive Product

Data Management and Integration

  • Metadata, tags, categories
  • Using open source tools to avoid licensing issues
  • Allow users to like, share, comment, provide recommendations, reviews, etc.
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