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CSWG Meetings


The Citizen Science Working Group meetings are held bi-monthly on the first Tuesday at 1:00 p.m. ET. Ad hoc project groups or sub-teams may meet at other times.


  • USGS/DOI Dial In Number:  (703) 648-4848 (for USGS and DOI offices)
  • Toll Free Dial In Number:  (855) 547-8255 (for other offices and telecommute locations)
  • Conference Code:  47919# (same for both numbers)



Ideas for Future Meetings

  • Post your ideas for future meeting presentations and topics here.


Meeting Summary

Summarize meeting highlights, including any gleaned from the CSWG TitanPad here.



  File Modified
PDF File cdi-citizenscience-09082011.pdf TitanPad notes. Sep 08, 2011 by Govoni, David L.
Microsoft Word 97 Document cdi-citizenscience-09082010.doc TitanPad notes. Sep 08, 2011 by Govoni, David L.
PDF File cdi-citizenscience-latest.pdf Updated TitanPad with my notes Sep 08, 2011 by Hines, Megan K.
File (12) CDI Citizen Science Working Group-20110908 1654-1.arf Webex recording of the meeting Sep 08, 2011 by Benson, Abigail L.