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The CDI-CS working group welcomes the participation of anyone interested in Citizen Science and its role in USGS research.  If you wish to be notified about and participate in this group's activities, please add your name and other details to the membership list below, and alert Megan Hines ( or Dave Govoni (





Citizen Science-related
Interests and Projects

Other Note

Abby Benson





Sky Bristol

USGS Core Science Systems (Denver)




Sarah Courchesne

Tufts University


Seabird Ecological Assessment Network - SEANET (blog/data entry site)


Sam Droege

USGS Northeast Area

301 497 5840

Develops continent-wide monitoring programs


Pierre GlynnUSGS National Research Program, Reston Branchpglynn@usgs.gov703-648-5823all types of natural resource and environmental cit sci monitoring & research. Currently writing a paper on Cit. Sci. for long-term research & monitoring, partnerships w/ govt, etc... 

Dave Govoni

USGS Office of Enterprise Information (Reston)

703-648-5565 (w)

Data management, collection protocols; active contributor to CS projects (e.g., eBird, Encyclopedia of Life)

CS Work Group Co-Lead

S. Harrison





Megan Hines

Univ. of Wisconsin

608-262-7785 (UW)

Wildlife Health Event Reporter (WHER)

CS Work Group Lead

Susan Hazlett

USGS (Reston)




Kelly Lotts

Montana State University


Butterflies and Moths of North America


Derek Masaki

USGS National Geospatial Program (Honolulu)



Pacific Region Geospatial Liaison

John Pickering

Discover Life & University of Georgia

706-542-1115 (w); 706-254-7446 (c); 706-353-7076 (h)

Mothing and other projects

Barbara Poore

USGS National Geospatial Program (St. Petersburg)

727-803-8747 x 3095 (w)
727-453-8086 (c)

OpenStreetMap Collaborative Project

CS Work Group Co-Lead

Elizabeth Sellers

Core Science Systems


MAPS bird banding, Banshee Reeks Bee Inventory, Invasive Species EDRR


Annie Simpson

Biological Informatics Program, CSS



invasive species informatics coordinator

Steve Tessler

USGS NJ Water Science Center

(609) 771-3965

USA-NPN, Photo-Inventory


Jake Weltzin

USGS Ecosystems Mission Area and USA National Phenology Network


USA-NPN, North American Bird Phenology Program


Eric Wolf

USGS National Geospatial Program (Denver)


OpenStreetMap Collaborative Project

instigator, trouble maker

Linda Weir

USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center


North American Amphibian Monitoring Program


Sally Holl






Sophia Liu

National Geospatial Program and the Earthquake Hazards Program




Greg Newman

Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory, Colorado State University

(970) 491-0410


Jenny ChipaultUSGS National Wildlife Health Center,JChipault@usgs.gov608.270.2473Lake Michigan Volunteer AMBLE (


Elizabeth McCartneyUSGS National Geospatial Program (NGTOC - Rolla)emccartney@usgs.gov573-308-3696The National Map Corps

Project Lead

Registered Members

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