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Title: Discoverability and Interoperability of Web-based Data and Processing Services

General motivation of this group

As different projects deploy a technology stack to create and support a portal based on open-standards, they will probably be using:

  • WMS
  • WCS
  • WFS
  • HTTP
  • GDP-based or GDP-like processing services; OGC Web Processing Services (WPS)

These standards might be implemented by using the following technologies:

  • ESRI ArcGIS Server
  • GeoServer
  • Apache Tomcat

In order to keep track of all the data and processing services, there are several promising metdata-handling technologies:

  • GeoNetwork (seems to be the richest of the three; user-authentication)
  • Gi-Cat
  • Gi-Go
  • Relational databases (MySQL/PostGres) XML databases

We’re wondering about which metadata standards are relevant for describing these data and processing within any of the above technologies.

  • ISO 19139 spec for schema
  • ISO 19115 for describing spatial data
  • 19119 for specifying service metadata
  • Cross-check w/other sources like Habermann wiki
  • Darwin core (more for data content than for services, but might have interest)
  • Home grown? Are the above standards and their attendant schemas just too dang big?

The next questions is, as many projects start presenting themselves on the internet via portals and other web-accessible metaphors, how can we organize/federate them to facilitate searching across all these resources and making them more "discoverable."


  • form a community of interest around approach, standards, and technology for the federation of services for better discoverability
  • come to consensus on standards and technology options
  • publish recommendations/white paper for the greater CDI community
  • push forward our members' portal development as test beds, and relate lessons learned back to CDI

Day 2 Notes and Recommendations

  • Data Distribution Stack – CDI Recommendation publication.
  • Service/Data Availability Notifier/upload (push/broadcast concept. e.g. DataCast)
  • Documentation/training developed by low level developers via collaboration.

Proposal: (draft)

In the process of implementing capabilities to serve discoverability and interoperability between interested projects, collaborative documentation and training presentations will be developed. Funding for weekly developer calls and quarterly _ day face to face meetings would be requested. A further _ block of funding would be required for formalized documentation targeted at a _ audience. The final quarterly developer face to face will be a 5 day sprint to create a _ .