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Please share the following information and anything else that you would like the other collaboration area members to know. Thanks!

  • What usability topics are you interested in?
  • Are you interested in being/willing to be a test user for a usability test that is organized through the collaboration area?
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  1. Madison Langseth! I'm interested in figuring out how to incorporate usability assessment throughout the lifecycle of a product.

    I would be willing to be a test user!

  2. Hello everyone!

    My name is Veronica Romero. I am a Student Geographer at the Geospatial Science and Cyber Innovation (GSCI) branch at the Texas Water Science Center in Austin, TX. I joined the USGS in September of this year just a little after starting my first semester at the University of Texas, Austin. I have a social science background: I completed my undergrad in Sociology and am now pursuing a graduate degree in Community and Regional Planning.

    Essentially, I am interested in how to communicate scientific information with decision-makers, stakeholders, and the public to reduce water hazards and risk (e.g. floods, droughts) and facilitate sustainable water management and planning. I believe developing web and mobile apps are one way of doing this.

    I am willing to be a test user as well! 😊

  3. Hi everyone! My name is Dionne Zoanni. I have a background in geospatial and environmental analysis/human geography. I've previously worked as a Hydro Tech and Qualitative Research Scientist for the Survey, and am now a Managed Service Specialist with Cloud Hosting Solutions. I help coordinate the front-end development of and provide customer service for CHS managed services related to GIS, LiDAR, and Big Data. I am also the USGS Tableau Servers Admin. 

    As usability is a major consideration during the development of our services, I would love to hear about best practices and lessons learned. I am also willing to be a test user!

  4. Hello! I am Lindsay Platt. I have a background in Biological Systems (Watershed) Engineering and work as a Data Scientist in the Water Mission Area. As a data scientist, I do a lot of data analysis but I also spend a lot of time working on ways to communicate findings from data through data visualizations. These take a lot of different forms - static images, GIFs/videos, and interactive web applications. I've dabbled in usability testing (once did tree testing for WMA websites, and also created user personas for a recent product), but there is so much more I want to know and leverage to make our products better. I work within a development team called Makerspace and we are hoping to focus more on usability testing as we grow our capability in distilling complex scientific data into meaningful insights.

    I would love to be a test user!

    1. Lindsay, 

      Will you be hosting the Intro to R workshop in Jackson? 


      1. Hi Veronica - I sure will be!

        1. I signed up! (not sure if my supervisor got the chance to approve it in time haha)

          Will you host more in 2020?

  5. Hi all, I'm Tamar Norkin. I'm on the ScienceBase data release team, helping scientists and data managers work through the data release process in ScienceBase. One of our goals is to make sure the process is as streamlined and clear as possible, so usability considerations are very important for us. I can also volunteer as a test user.

  6. Unknown User (

    Hi. My name is Becca Scully and I have been working on a suite of web tools for In the last three years we have started to integrate user testing into our process, but I would love tips, tricks and advice. 

  7. Unknown User (

    Who: Me ^.

    Where: Ecologist in SAS. 

    What: Identifying and improving the utility of existing (and non-existent for that matter) data products and tools relevant to the natural resource communities. 

    Why: Because (a) there are too many products and it's getting worse, (b) we don't do a good job of designing, developing, and tracking the use of these tools, and (c) non-researcher end-users of conservation-related products don't have the time to find the needle (most useful tool) in the haystack (the plethora of tools of varying utility, usability, quality available).

    Fun fact:  Yesterday I bought a domain name ending in '.wtf'. More later.

  8.  Hi everyone! I'm Amanda Liford, and I work in SAS-SDM with the ScienceBase data release team, CDI facilitators, and some other various projects that could benefit from knowledge of usability techniques. I'm interested in learning various ways to conduct usability testing for different situations/purposes (the presentation today was very helpful for that! I would be happy to be a test user.

  9. I really like Jessica's format, so I'm going to steal it...

    Who: Me ^.

    Where: Wetland and Aquatic Research Center, Gainesville, FL.  I help run the USGS Nonindigenous Aquatic Species Database, primarily overseeing our fish data as well as help to oversee technical development.

    What: Improving UI/UX design, accessibility to tools, and data visualizations

    Why: Our program was initially designed back in the 1990s, and has not undergone any sort of any real design or usability update/upgrade in over a decade. 

    Yes, definitely happy to be a test user.