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An information session was held on September 29, 2016, 4:00pm ET.

(red star) Presentation: [pptx slides]  

[arf recording] | [ Download ARF player(the player from the USGS WebEx site is recommended)
[ mp4 recording]

At the September CDI Monthly Meeting, Kevin Gallagher announced the FY17 Request for Proposals (RFP), an open opportunity for grassroots ideas that support data integration for the Earth and biological Sciences.

The CDI Request for Proposals is a way to fund ideas that don't fit into traditional USGS funding paths, and to bring your data integration needs into the light for further consideration.

We look forward to seeing your ideas in the form of a 2-page statement of interest, submitted by October 14, 2016. 

All CDI members will have the chance to view, comments, and vote on the statements of interest in the first phase of this RFP!

Please spread the word to all who may be interested!

FY17RequestforProposals.pdf for distribution


CDI FY17 Request for Proposals

Have an idea about data integration for interdisciplinary research, innovative data management, or cutting edge technology?

CDI is looking for projects that:

  • Focus on targeted efforts that yield near-term benefits

  • Leverage existing capabilities and data

  • Implement and demonstrate innovative solutions that could be used or replicated by others

  • Preserve, expose & improve access to Earth & biological science data, models & other outputs

  • Develop, organize & share knowledge and best practices in data integration

  • Have an impact beyond a single Program, Center, Region, or Mission Area

Receive up to $50,000 per award. Lead PI must be a USGS Federal Employee.


Attend an Information Session on September 29, 2016, 4:00pm ET.

Submit your 2-Page Statement of Interest by October 14, 2016, 5:00pm ET.

Community Comment and Voting Period from October 17 to November 9, 2016.

Links on this page accessible at

Questions? Contact or Leslie Hsu at

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