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Confluence Status

3/29/2011 - Tim Kern to Roland Viger

We still are getting closer to the Crowd/AD-Confluence install. Still shooting for this week.

  1. Confluence is going to version 3.4.9. Version 3.5 failed stability and plugin tests, so we will wait for 3.5.1 before the next upgrade.
  2. Crowd will authenticate USGS users against Active Directory, other users will have local IDs.
  3. Non-federal government users will eventually authenticate against any OpenID source identified by the group.
  4. Other federal government users will eventually authenticate against their AD (Sam Martinez's team is setting this up for us).
  5. We tested the Wiki Migration tool. It works OK, but some pages need some work.
  6. Jeff F and others suggested some new Plugins. Which brings us to next item...
  7. Si Peterson is the Admin for Confluence, but we are looking for volunteers to help out Si. I suggest Jeff F and/or other DataONE folks. This person would help with Plug-In identification, test, and install, space support, Wiki Migration, and Crowd issues.

At this point, I would suggest that we bring on a Confluence Admin to focus on TSWG community migration and support. Volunteers?