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Workshop Organizers

Leslie Hsu
Madison Langseth
Leah Colasuonno

Program Team

Purpose:  Make sure that the program covers member needs.

Abby Benson
Sophie Hou

Extracurricular Team

Purpose: Provide information for attendees on extracurricular activities such as after-hours gathering spots.

Tara Bell
Paul Exter
Annie Simpson

Virtual Experience Team

Purpose: Help plan for a useful and enjoyable experience by virtual attendees.

Sue Kemp
Tamar Norkin

Interaction Team

Purpose: Plan activities that encourage interaction between participants.

Marcia McNiff
Nancy Sternberg
Viv Hutchison
Sophia Liu

Follow up Team

Purpose: Make sure we document and communicate the important outcomes of the workshop.

Sophie Hou
Cassandra Ladino

Video and Photo

Jacob Massey
Viv Hutchison
Daniel Wieferich

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