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Integrated modeling is an important component of the U.S Geological Survey’s (USGS) Water Science Strategy. One approach is to develop a collaborative environment (“sandbox”) to couple hydrology and environmental simulation models with data and analyses. We propose to leverage the existing “sandbox” developed by the Community Surface Dynamics Modeling System (CSDMS) team with several USGS models, including FaSTMECH, PRMS6, and Modflow6, and an iRIC application Nays2Dflood. The CSDMS Modeling Framework is used to wrap existing USGS models with Python interfaces. The models are then incorporated in the Python Modeling Toolkit (PyMT) to facilitate coupling. This project adds a new feature to PyMT to provide model input from web-based data services. Example model integrations include: 1) coupling FaSTMECH to itself to extend a model domain, 2) coupling PRMS6 to Nays2DFlood to specify ungaged tributary flows in a flood-inundation simulation, and, potentially, 3) coupling Nays2DFlood to Modflow6 to improve flood inundation predictions where significant infiltration occurs over the flood duration. All software and examples developed through this project will be associated with an open source license and made available through public repositories on Github (

Science Support Framework Category: Communities of Practice

Author(s): Richard McDonald ( - Water Mission Area, USGS; Mark Piper ( INSTAAR, University of Colorado; Eric Hutton ( - INSTAAR, University of Colorado; Steven Markstrom ( - Water Mission Area, USGS