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General Information for Powell Center Writing Team

During the August 2010 Face2Face meeting of the Council for Data Integration (CDI), the benefit and desire for a USGS-wide Data Management Plan rose to the forefront.  Discussion ensued after the meeting and led to the formation of a small group to write a Powell Center proposal to bring a team together to develop the USGS Data Management Plan.  This wiki page is a working page for the small group, dubbed the "Powell Center Writing Team."

The goal of the Team is to submit said proposal by the 2011 Powell Center deadline of January 30, 2011.  During January, 2011, the Team will finish the proposal (started at their meeting in Denver, December 14-15, 2010) and vet it with the parent "Best Practices for Data Integration Team" and people selected to participate on the project team.

The gist of the desired USGS Data Management Plan is to compile common elements (a set of agreed-upon standards, if you will) of a USGS data management plan into a document that can be used by all the Science Strategy Planning Teams (SSPT).  A second section of the USGS DM Plan is envisioned to be a template for SSPT-specific elements.  Such a Plan will provide a consistent approach for defining and documenting the data management/integration needs of each mission area in the USGS.

Team Members

  • Heather Henkel
  • Jessica Thompson
  • Steve Tessler
  • Viv Hutchison
  • Lisa Zolly
  • Sally Holl

Status and References

In March, 2011, the writting team received notification that the proposal was not accepted.  Other avenues for funding are being explored.

  • Dec 14-15, 2010 - Team met in Denver to write first draft of Powell Center proposal
  • Jan 10, 2011 - Status to Data Mgmt Work Group
  • Jan 12, 2011 - Status to CDI, Jan 12
  • Jan 14, 2011 - Draft to reviewers
  • Jan 28, 2011 - Proposal submitted; copy of the Powell Center proposal has been made available
  • Jan 30, 2011 - Deadline for submission, as per the Powell Center Proposal Process

Proposal Overview

This study proposes to:

  • establish a framework of enterprise-level data management recommendations in alignment with USGS mission, vision, and goal statements;
  • develop research-based mechanisms for incorporating data management into USGS science and develop ways to educate scientists of its value; and,
  • elevate the practice of data management such that it is seen as a critical partner in the pursuit of science in USGS.

Proposed activities:

  • Identify current data management policies, standards, and practices within USGS and other agencies.
  • Evaluate cultural and institutional challenges to implementation of data management policies within USGS.
  • Recognize and develop best practices for the USGS to facilitate and support integrated science.
  • Establish a framework of enterprise-level data management recommendations in alignment with USGS mission, vision, and goal statements.

(Note: a copy of the proposal has been added to the "Status and References" section above.)

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