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Webex Recording of the meeting


2:00 - 2:05                   Welcome/logistics/roll call                         

2:05 – 2:35                  Discussion of FY12 Proposals

2:35 - 2:50                   Discussion of FY12 Calls (Speakers, Subteams, new items?)

2:50 - 3:00                   Update on DM Training

3:00                            Adjourn



Viv Hutchison and Heather Henkel (co-leads), Abby Benson, Andrea Ostroff, Arnell Forde, Carolyn Degnan, Cassie Thibodeaux, Dave Govoni, Elizabeth Martin, Elizabeth Sellers, Ellyn Montgomery, Heather Schreppel, Jamie Cormier, Jennifer Duke-Sylvester, Jon Childs, Lisa Zolly, Mitch Harris, Rex Sanders, Rob Wertz, Scott McEwen, Shawn Dadisman, Steve Tessler, Terry D’Erchia, and Tom Burley


Viv Hutchison welcomed participants, gave an overview of DMWG meetings, and briefly described the Data Best Practices and Data Policy Focus Groups.

FY 2012 Proposals


Heather Henkel oriented participants to the FY 2012 Proposals wiki page, as well as to the origins of DMWG’s FY 2011 funded projects, followed by process for creating FY 2012 proposals.  Heather, Viv, and others gave a brief overview of the DMWG FY 2012 proposals:

  1. USGS Survey of Scientists
  2. Data Exit Survey for USGS Scientists
  3. USGS Data Management Planning and Technical Support Response
  4. Data Management Website Phase 2
  5. Data Management Training and Education Phase 2
  6. USGS Science Center Adaptable Data Management Plan Framework (Tom Burley)
  7. Facilitating Knowledge Integration With a Monitoring Protocol Registry (Andrea Ostroff)
  8. Establish a Formal Process for USGS Data Standards – Lower priority
  9. Data Lifecycle Model – An project of the DMWG’s Data Best Practices Focus Group, led by John Faundeen

The CDI Working Groups are finalizing their respective proposal texts by Oct 14, and will rank all proposals by Oct 30.  Heather will update the proposals wiki page to reflect the proper order of DMWG proposals, which were ranked at the August CDI Workshop.  The CDI Executive Sponsors (Kevin Gallagher, Linda Gundersen, and Cheryl Morris) will seek funding for as many proposals as possible in FY 2012.

FY 2012 Calls

Viv reviewed last year’s DMWG presentations and asked for ideas for presentations in FY 2012.  Possibilities include “Preparing Your Data to Share,” by Bob Cook (Oak Ridge Labs).  Ideas

  • Shared USGS/BLM Data Mgmt work - Dave Govoni
  • Data prep/mgmt for ingestion, possibly presented by Socrata & – Dave
  • Data Mgmt issues in context of Citizen Science Workshop (PII, restricted sites, etc.), possibly presented by Cornell Labs – Dave
  • Qualified data (e.g. water quality data with its qualifiers), raw data, derived data – Mitch Harris
  • NSF’s experiences with data mgmt. requirements for NSF funding – Dave
  • SODA Overview – Rex Sanders
  • Mendeley data standards issues – Steve Tessler

Viv asked for ideas of additional focus groups needed:

  • Metadata Standards, Ontology, and Standards Compliance Support/Consultation – Lisa Zolly, Dave Govoni, and Steve Tessler
  • Data and Metadata Citation – Steve Tessler, Dave Govoni

Viv announced the upcoming “FGDC-to-ISO Metadata Summit” in Reston at the end of this month (Oct 2011).

Data Policy Focus Group Leader Needed

Viv relayed a request from Terry D’Erchia who leads the DMWG’s Data Policy Focus Group.  Terry asks for a volunteer to assume Sally Holl’s great leadership role, in context of the recommendations Sally compiled to improve data management practices in the RGE/EDGE process.  Sally is no longer able to fill this roll due to other responsibilities.  Contact Terry for more information.


Data Management Training Update

CSS funded an FY 2010 proposal, which provided for a 4-day training class held in Indianapolis recently.  The following week, the Science Data Network Coordinators participated in Data Management Workshop, led by Tom Chatfield (BLM).  Plans are to compile materials used during these two training weeks, refine them for the needs of USGS data managers, and provide these materials USGS-wide. 

Next Meeting

The DMWG will continue to meet on the second Monday of each month (Nov 14).