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WebEx Recording


(Note: times listed below are in Eastern)

2:00 - 2:05                     Welcome/logistics/roll call                                

2:05-2:15                       Recap of “Environmental Information Management 2011” conference (Sally Holl)

2:15-2:30                       CDI DMWG – Best Practices Subteam update

2:30-2:45                       CDI DMWG – Data Policy Subteam update

2:45-3:00                       Update on FY12 proposal process, discussion of upcoming talks:

January: Electronic Records Archive (ERA): David C. Lake, ERA Program Office, National Archives & Records Administration

February: "Self-service Online Digital Archive" (SODA), Rex Sanders, USGS Pacific Coastal & Marine Science Center, Santa Cruz, CA



Heather Henkel (Co-Lead), Andrea Ostroff, Cassandra Ladino, Dave Govoni, Elizabeth Sellers, Ellen Montgomery, Emily Fort, JC Nelson, Jennifer Carlino, Jennifer Duke-Sylvester, Karen Arcamonte, Kathryn Thomas, Kathy Thibodeaux, Mitch Harris, Ray Obuch, Sally Holl, Scott McEwen, Shawn Dadisman, Steve Tessler, Terry D’Erchia, and Tim Kern.

WebEx Recording

Environmental Information Management 2011 Conference

Sally Holl attended the second EIM Conference, September 28-29, 2011, and summarized her observations and recommendations in a PowerPoint.  Conference overview and proceedings are available at

EZID might be a great topic for a future DMWG presentation.  Digital Curation for Excel, by Carly Strasser, might be another good presentation.

CDI DMWG – Best Practices Focus Group

Heather Henkel recapped activities of the Best Practices Focus Group; John Faundeen (Lead) was unable to attend today.  The Group continues to work towards finalizing content for Data Lifecycle Model, particularly the Component Definitions and Model Component Matrix.  Heather and John invite any interested parties to contribute.

John Faundeen is going to have to step down as lead on the Best Practices Focus Group.  Heather asked for anyone interested to step forward.

CDI DMWG – Data Policy Focus Group

Terry D’Erchia reminded the Group of the need for a lead person for the RGE/EDGE Group.

The Data Policy Focus Group continues to focus on updates to the Survey Manual.  The Group is consolidating review comments from Peter Schweitzer, Dave Govoni, and others.  The Group is preparing to send drafts to the FSP Advisory Committee, followed by submission to the ELT. 

The Data Policy Focus Group will resume monthly calls in January.  Carolyn Reid will be invited to update the Data Policy Focus Group in February. 

Upcoming DMWG Presentations

  • January - Electronic Records Archive (ERA):  David C. Lake, ERA Program Office, National Archives & Records Administration
  • February – Self-service Online Digital Archive (SODA):  Rex Sanders, USGS Pacific Coastal & Marine Science Center, Santa Cruz, CA

Update on CDI FY12 Proposal Process

The CDI Coordinators will be presenting all CDI FY 2012 Proposals to Kevin Gallagher and Linda Gundersen tomorrow, December 13, 2011, with a request for funding.  The DMWG will summarize 6 proposals.

  1. Data Management Website, Phase 2
  2. Data Management Training & Education, Phase 2
  3. USGS Science Center Adaptable Data Management Plan Implementation and Framework
  4. Facilitating Knowledge Integration with a Monitoring Protocol Registry, Phase 1
  5. USGS Data Management Survey of Scientists
  6. Data Exit Survey for USGS Scientists