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WebEx Recording


(Note: times listed below are in Eastern)

2:00 – 2:05     Welcome/Logistics

2:05 – 2:35     Overview of Proposed USGS Data Lifecycle - Best Practices Focus Group

2:35 – 2:45     Questions/Answers/Discussion

2:45 – 2:50     Data Policy Focus Group update

2:50 – 3:00     Updates: FY12 proposals, CDI Coordinators Meeting, Preview of February meeting

3:00                Adjourn



Viv Hutchison (Co-Lead), Cassie Thibodeaux, Dave Govoni, Deb Buhl, Dorrie Gellenbeck, Elizabeth Martin, Elizabeth Sellers, Emily Fort, Fran Lightsom, Glenn Guempel, Janice Gordon, Jennifer Carlino, Jennifer Duke-Sylvester, John Faundeen, Kathryn Thomas, Lakegan Harris, Linda Broussard, Mike Wieczorek, Mitch Harris, Pete Ruhl, Ray Obuch Rex Sanders, Scott McEwen, Shawn Dadisman, Steve Tessler, Terry D’Erchia, Tim Kern, and Tim Mancuso.

USGS Data Life Cycle Model

John Faundeen (ppt) provided a brief history of the USGS Data Life Cycle Model development process.  John and the Data Best Practices Focus Group are seeking feedback on the Model.

John walked through components of the model, available at:

Feedback on model and primary components:

  • Fran – Define the “Plan” stage as an activity, and include “getting resources.”
  • Ray – Metadata creation should be earlier in the process.  John and Dave G. explained that metadata is a cross-cutting process that spans the entire model.
  • Fran – Suggests locating the “Describe (Metadata, Documentation)” and “Backup & Secure” cross-cutting arrows above the model.  Dave G. explained the thinking that the emphasis should be on the model, but noting that metadata spans the entire model.
  • Viv – Suggests that there be a note in each component to point to metadata.
  • Steve – Suggests moving the definitions for Documentation/Metadata and Backup & Secure to their own ‘Cross-cutting Issues’ section below the diagram but above the section with the Component Definitions list.
  • Pete Ruhl – As a first-time viewer, he also affirms calling QA/QC out prominently as a crucial component.  John and Steve explained that QA/QC is considered cross-cutting, like metadata, but was perhaps too buried, and could be added as a third cross-cutting line/arrow (and described along with backups and metadata).
  • Glenn G. – Asked why the FGDC metadata spec is used rather than the North American Profile and ISO?  John and Viv explained that the NAP is still in transition.  Glenn suggested including it, too, as an “or.”  Dave G. explained that these details will be added.
  • Shawn – Commented on “Publish/Share”, that we need good repositories where we can publish data to make it more usable and integrated, and to get the associated metadata harvested.  John explained that “Preserve” is intended to meet such a need and that we need to work with Richard Huffine and Christina Bartlett on sharing.

John asked for feedback by any means:  wiki, email, etc.

Data Policy Focus Group

Terry summarized the Group’s activities:

  • Survey Manual chapter for new employees and contractors – Chris Bartlett is leading this activity, to include info about data management.
  • Survey Manual chapter, “Safeguarding Unpublished Data and Information” – FSPAC subteam is reconciling reviewer comments prior to forwarding a final draft to the ELT.
  • Survey Manual chapter on Metadata – Expert comments were reviewed by Viv Hutchison, Terry D’Erchia, and Carolyn Reid.  Forwarding to FSPAC subteam.
  • Survey Manual chapter, “Release of Computer Data Bases and Computer Programs” – Carolyn Reid is assembling a small review group.  Dave Govoni and Fran Lightsom agreed to participate.
  • RGE/EDGE Process – Agreed to recast to look at data management and processes.  Terry will be on telecom with Viv Hutchison, Sky Bristol, and Linda Gundersen to refocus and reinitiate.

FY 2012 Proposals

The suite of 2012 CDI Proposals was recently presented to the CDI Executive Sponsors Kevin Gallagher, Linda Gundersen, and Cheryl Morris.  The proposals were well received; Kevin, Linda, and Cheryl are deliberating final decisions on funding.  Kevin Gallagher asked that CDI develop a CDI Framework into which each proposal can be associated, in order to show the breadth of work CDI is undertaking.  CDI Coordinators are meeting every other week to make this happen, and will share results with the Community for feedback.

Next Month

Rex Sanders will be presenting SODA:  Self-Service Online Digital Archive