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USGS/DOI Dial In Number:  (703) 648-4848 (for USGS and DOI offices)

Toll Free Dial In Number:  (855) 547-8255 (for other offices and telecommute locations)

Conference Code:  29218# (same for both numbers)

 WebEx: - Meeting name: "CDI Data Management Working Group"


  • John Faundeen September 11-17, Denver
    • Asking for interest in organizing a session at this conference
    • Please send email to John.
    • Abstract is due in early February.
  • Lisa Zolly - - use of schemas in USGS
    • Upgrades/bug fixes to the OME completed in December
    • Email will be sent out to OME users soon on changes
    • Question to the group: Is anyone in USGS using the shoreline profile or remote sensing extension profiles? Please send an email to
  • JC Nelson – Data Sharing Agreements (examples and next steps)
    • Identified gap in addressing how USGS centers share data with collaborators. What is the guidance?
    • Created a draft data sharing policy to show to the DMWG. Also creating a template to become an agreement.
      • Please provide input on the draft data sharing policy (Need comments by February 8th; will extend deadline if needed).
      • Next steps after getting feedback, will present this to the FSPAC and/or OPA to elevate this document in USGS
      • Discussion included - Wrestling about data sharing practices for small datasets. Need guidance about how strict do you need legally binding agreements for sharing data. 
      • Let's start a discussion about this - Follow up with JC.
  • Steve Tessler - Process and Analyze
    • Requesting volunteers to help add content about best practices in how USGS processes and analyzes data 
    • Target for completion is late Spring 2016
    • We will start to hold biweekly meetings later this month or early February
  • Other news from the field, announcements, ideas, etc.
    • (REMINDER) Data management Webinar Series:
      • Wednesday January 20th, 2pmET/12pmMT
      • Ruth Duerr, National Snow and Ice Data Center - "Data Citation and You: Where things stand today"

Download [Webex] [PDF]


  • Person - Question
    • Answer

WG Updates/Discussions: