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  • ORCiDs: advantages to having them, how they are being applied in USGS tools and applications and tips/demo on getting your ORCiD profile to work for you.

    • Clara Brown (CSASL Library) and Lisa Zolly (CSASL Science Data Management Team)

    • Slides: The slides are being updated to reflect progressing understanding of best practices with ORCiD for USGS users. An updated slide deck will be uploaded here soon.

    Pubs Warehouse Updates: New and interesting happenings in PW

WG Updates/Discussions:

  • Hello. Does is matter what location (duty station) that an author lists for their USGS affiliation in orcid system? I thought I heard that all authors, no matter where their duty station is, should write select USGS Reston, VA. However, a quick search of selected authors shows USGS locations all around the country.
  • Hi Everyone. Is there a standard we should follow for Institution/Employer Name in our ORCID Profile. I searched and found several variations.
  • Heard that EROS contractors were directed to list "Reston", though not sure how that got started or by who.
  • Is there a way to sort the works section?  would be nice to have journal articles show up 1st.
  • The instructions on ORCiD asks that you identify the trusted parties for your profile.  If we select trusted parties but have not identified those parties will AD still  be able to harvest?
  • If we have additional data releases that are already published but not currently showing as a dataset in the pubs warehouse, is there something we can do as a center to help get those added into the catalog?