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Welcome – Leslie Hsu, for Viv Hutchison & Cassandra Ladino


· Raad Saleh – (EROS) Brief presentation/discussion on processes for transitioning research data to operational data and examples that may be out there.

· Lance Everette – (WRET/FORT) Connecting the communication between data managers and web masters to ensure Centers are able to properly display data on websites.

Q: Has WRET considered updating the "You are leaving the USGS website" warning message to account for the fact that doi-based URLs trigger this warning despite the links often going to a USGS system?

      • A: Yes, we've been talking about this. I looked at the warning message after the meeting and drafted the following as a potential replacement with a more conditional warning:

        "You are now leaving the U.S. Geological Survey website. This link may direct you to a website with different privacy policies from those of the U.S. Geological Survey."

Q: Can content managers tag a data release to be featured at the top of data and tool lists within the CMS?

      • Yes, in fact there are two ways! The first, as mentioned during our call, is to use a custom block on a 'Data and Tools' landing page. I verified that this new feature is now in place. The second option is that you can explicitly select a single data release to highlight at the top of the list on a 'Data and Tools' landing page using the "Highlighted Data and Tools" option within the landing page. Yes, you can also do both but neither are setup at the content item-level, only the landing page level. 

From Lance: Thanks for everyone's time today! As usual, I learned some new things that will help me plan the next set of SDC-CMS features. Thanks for that important feedback!

News from the field:

· Data management related updates, challenges, questions, announcements, ideas, etc. – Open discussion for all participants to input…(ALL)

Subgroup to work on a Data Manager Position Description - contact Viv Hutchison or John Faundeen. Previous Google Form (accessible to DOI employees). Previous wiki forum page.

Update on the Enabling FAIR Data Initiative: