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Go to start of metadata’s ( Data Nomination Tool facilitates community-driven rescue efforts for Earth and Environmental science datasets. Particularly, the web-based tool connects people who can provide long term data stewardship support with those who need the assistance.

The concept is for the tool to have the following key functions:

  • Allows a dataset to be submitted (or “nominated”) with a request for assistance via a web form
  • Enables someone who can help with the data rescue activities to sign up and select the activities that meet their interests/capabilities
  • Shares information about the project’s background and provides ways to contribute/get involved

If you need help or can provide help, or if you are simply interested in learning more about and the current state of the prototype tool, we invite you to come by our poster and see a demo.

Data Nomination Tool is created and hosted by CloudBIRST (, key contact: Joan Saez).’s current members consist of individuals from Earth Science Information Partners (see ESIP Partners here:, Johns Hopkins University Sheridan Libraries, and representatives from several University Research Libraries.

Science Support Framework Category: Science Data Lifecycle - Preservation


Sophie Hou - National Center for Atmospheric Research

Reid Boehm - University of Houston

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