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  • Presentation: EPA
  • GSA - Government single sign on authentication -
  • Booze Allen Hamilton - Martin Folkoff DevOps Engineer (
  • Presentation from Pivotal Labs
  • Scott Lewein:
    • General and custom monitoring
    • Dive into Chef
    • Use of tooling like Rundeck and Jenkins to assist operations and support staff
    • Integrating CloudFormation with other provisioning tools
    • Challenges with optimizing entire workflows
  • Presentation: NGA and their DevOps efforts:
  • Presentation from Kathi Paquet (Centric Consulting) on DevOps
  • EPA's DevOps and Cloud Strategy
  • Michelle Guy:
  • Lynda Lastowka
    • Agile/DevOps efforts
    • MVPs (Minimum Viable Products) from
  • Joel Dudley
    • provisioning AQUARIUS in AWS/CHS. Challenges associated with DOI AD forest, autoscaling groups, multi zone deployments. He has worked pretty hard to achieve idempotent servers and that has worked very well for the NWIS-TS.


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