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The Elevation Focus Group is looking to collate data, information, tools and tricks on both terrestrial and bathymetric elevation topics.

Please see the information provided on the ETWG 'home' page for more information

Terrestrial Elevation Section

Topo-bathy lidar Section

This section focuses on elevation data collected ABOVE the water surface- traditional DEMs, topographic lidar, radar, and other data collection instruments

This section focuses on green-laser airborne lidars specifically- topo-bathymetric lidar collections.  Share data, information and methodologies for merging datasets together. We have a discussion forum and a file sharing child page.

This section is focusing on collating bathymetric data that has been collected by PIs at various water science centers. The goal is to eventually build a clearinghouse of bathymetric data, whether from multi-beam or profiling acoustic methods, GPS transects across streams, or other data collection modalities. We have a discussion forum and a bathymetric data inventory.