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This is a potential focus group. Please add your name to the list below if you want to be notified or participate in the initial calls. Also feel free to add pages or content. We'll sort out organization as we go.

Interested Individuals

  • Heather Golden (EPA)
  • Chuck Lane (EPA)
  • Roland Viger (USGS)
  • Ellen D'Amico (EPA)
  • Jay Christensen (EPA)
  • Scott Leibowitz (EPA)
  • Sharon Waltman (NRCS)
  • Bill Effland (NRCS)
  • David James (NRCS)
  • Mike Wieczorek (USGS)


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  1. Hi Roland:

    I would like to contribute our "Potential Wetlands Soil Landscapes - percent of map unit" gSSURGO Value Added Look Up (VALU) Table database algorithm here.  It is a pretty specialized one  and different from the "vertical averaging" categories in the Soils Focus Group - Algorithms section.  We test for hydric soil components and map units and components that contain a custom list of terms and sum the component percentages for each map unit.  We also attempt to consistently identify a generic water body class if a given map unit contains more than 80 percent water body components.  I am working to clean up the SQL Script I wrote to prepare this attribute.  This was first developed to help out Shan Burkhalter with NOAA back in 2011.  We first published it with gSSURGO in 2013.


    1. This sounds great! I can point some of those folks I mentioned I work w/on this type of stuff at your postings. They are generally super-hi res in their focus, but this could be a great basis for extrapolating from their local AOIs to a regional setting. Feel free to call if you want to kick this around.

  2. Unknown User (

    Here is a link to the US EPA report on Connectivity of Streams and Wetlands to Downstream Waters: A Review and Synthesis of the Scientific Evidence authored by Laurie Alexander et al. as referenced by Roland.!OpenDocument&TableRow=2.3#2.

  3. Here is an example comment.

    1. not seeing your example document (or does your comment refer to that from Dave?).

      1. Hi Roland, I just submitted "an example comment" during yesterday's teleconference to demonstrate how one can use the system.  This can be deleted.  S.