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Container for hydrography, hydrologic observations, etc. The hydrography topic area is growing rapidly and has a number of dedicated subpages. Hydrologic observations is still dormant and only has a section on this page so far. If you're interested in, please add content or restructure/retitle that area!

Modeling and Estimation of Flow Characteristics



These sub pages cover discuss different geospatial data products depicting stream networks, issues of scale, change/versioning, use cases, and tools.

Hydrologic Points (aka Events)

This one is still forming up. This, so far, is mainly focused on stream gages and other points of interest used to define spatial units for hydrologic modeling. We expect to see focus groups for water quality and groundwater sampling data and locations.

  • River Forecasting Points
    • Dave Wolock has something like 2000 NWIS points selected because they have long records and unimpeded flow (URL?)
    • NWS has 4000 river forecast points available in a web service (URL?). Sometimes they apply the Sacremento model, and sometimes they use regression models. Could be the case that the NWS River Forecast Centers are moving towards all using the NWS Community Hydrologic Prediction System (CHPS).
    • SPARROW has a set of points (URL?)
    • The USGS National Research Program Modeling of Watershed Systems (MoWS) project is selecting points for modeling. There's a page on this in the ETWG Hydrography portion of this wiki.
    • StreamStats allows users to select any point on any stream (i.e., totally dynamic)
  • NWIS
    • has a set of ~130,000 point locations for all gages that have ever been part of the NWIS system. They're looking to define watersheds for all of these points.
    • CDI feedback to NWIS teams regarding
  • OGC Interoperability Experiment (IE)
    • USGS/Canada groundwater quality experiment
    • Harmonization of OGC/WaterML/etc
    • Sounds like NOAA/NWS (Don Cline) has been interacting with USGS CIDA.
    • Summary data for 9,322 USGS gages.


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