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FY17 Awarded Projects

TitlePI NameOrganization

An Interactive Web-based Application for Earthquake-triggered Ground Failure Inventories

Allstadt, K.

USGS Geologic Hazards Science Center

Automating the use of citizen scientists’ biodiversity surveys in iNaturalist to facilitate early detection of species’ responses to climate change

Boydston, E.San Diego Field Station, WERC
Developing APIs to support enterprise level monitoring using existing toolsReichert, B., and Stevens, P.Fort Collins Science Center
Empowering decision-makers: A dynamic web interface for running Bayesian networksLentz, E.Woods Hole Coastal and Marine Science Center
Evaluation and testing of standardized forest vegetation metrics derived from lidar dataYoung, J.Aquatic Ecology Branch, LSC
Exploring the USGS Science Data Life Cycle in the CloudGolden, N.Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center
Extending ScienceCache—a Mobile Application for Data Collection—to Accommodate Broader Use within USGSWiltermuth, M.Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center
Flocks of a feather dock together: Using Docker and HTCondor to link high-throughput computing across the USGSErickson, R.Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center
Wisconsin Water Science Center
USGS Data at Risk: Expanding Legacy Data Inventory and Preservation StrategiesEverette, A., and Bell, T.Fort Collins Science Center
Visualizing community exposure and evacuation potential to tsunami hazards using an interactive Tableau dashboardPeters, J.Western Geographic Science Center
Web Mapping Application for a Historical Geologic Field Photo CollectionNagorsen, S.Science Publishing Network

Download all 19 full proposals: CDI FY17 Request for Proposals - Full

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