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Welcome to the FY19 Community for Data Integration Statement of Interest site.

Commenting is open starting November 19, and we encourage you to enter comments before the voting starts on November 30.

2019 Community Voting Results

20 projects were invited back for full proposals. View the results and other voting details at the link below.

Community Voting Results

Lightning talks

Watch 1-minute talks at the lightning presentation session on November 28 at 3pm Eastern!

Recording from November 28: 181128-fy19-soi-lightning.mp4 | slides: FY19-CDI-Statement-of-Interest-Lightning-Slides-no-audio.pdf

View and Comment on the Statements of Interest

You will see a link to view and comment on the statements of interest if you are logged in (see the upper right corner) with your myUSGS account and you are a CDI member. You can join the CDI and participate in commenting and voting if you join by the end of the day on November 29.

All CDI members should have myUSGS credentials for the wiki from when they joined, however, there may be exceptions.

If you need any help logging in, email

All Submitted Statements of Interest

PI NameTitle
Bamzai, AparnaOpen-source and open-workflow Climate Scenarios Toolbox for adaptation planning
Bard, JoeExtending ScienceBase for Disaster Risk Reduction
Blehert, DavidTransforming Biosurveillance by Standardizing and Serving 40 Years of Wildlife Disease Data
Bradford, JohnIntegrating short-term climate forecasts into a restoration management support tool
Casazza, MichaelAn interactive webtool for disease transmission risk assessment by waterfowl in western North America
Cornman, RobertDeveloping a synthetic environmental DNA (eDNA) spike for use in natural environments
Daniel, WesleyNational Public Screening Tool for Invasive and Non-native Aquatic Species Data
Donovan, ThereseEnhancing cell phone monitoring with the R package AMMonitor with R Shiny and Android Applications
Eldridge, SaraHigh-Resolution, Interagency Biosurveillance of Threatened Surface Waters in the United States
Engel, FrankDevelop Cloud Computing Capability at Streamgages using Amazon Web Services GreenGrass IoT Framework for Camera Image Velocity Gaging
Gilmer, AmyServing the U.S. Geological Survey’s geochronological data
Guempel, GlennPutting the AIR in FAIR
Hunter, MargaretEstablishing standards and integrating environmental DNA (eDNA) data into the USGS Nonindigenous Aquatic Species database
Jaeger, KristinSynthesizing data provenance tactics and tools across earth science community platforms
Jones, JeanneSubsidence Susceptibility Map for the Conterminous U.S.
Kelbert, AnnaGovernment and community magnetotelluric data: playing FAIR
Kurath, GaelInteractive Web-based Decision Support Tool Advancing Accessibility of Aquatic Pathogen Surveillance and Genotyping Data for Risk Management
Letcher, BenA generic web application to visualize and understand movements of tagged animals
Lightsom, FranBuilding a Roadmap for Making Data FAIR in the U.S. Geological Survey
Liu, SophiaDeveloping an Analytical Tool to Compare Hazard-related Crowdsourced and Citizen Science Data to Official Sources
Lowe, ScottUSGS Safety Program Risk Mapper
Lynch, AbigailFishACT: Interactive Database on Fish Management Actions to Climate Impacts
McDonald, RichardCoupling Hydrologic Models with Data Services in an Interoperable Modeling Framework
McKenna, JamesSeasonal ecological flow models for Rainbow Trout and flow sensitivity distribution maps
Millar, DavidLeveraging deep learning through use of the dl_tools software package to enhance wetland mapping capabilities of the NWI
Patterson, TamathaDevelopment of Wind & Wildlife Data Information System and User Portal
Pearse, IanAutomated tool for host test lists for biocontrol agents used for the control of invasive weeds.
Pyke, DavidBuilding a New On-line Data Store for the SageSTEP Project
Reed, SashaImplementing a Grassland Productivity Forecast for the U.S. Southwest
Richgels, KatieBuilding web-service based forecasting tools for wildlife disease managers
Shah, SachinWater Security in U.S. Megacities: Building Decision Frameworks Beyond Water Management
Villarreal, MiguelExDetect: a cloud-based remote sensing and GIS tool to detect and monitor the spread of exotic annuals around energy development sites
Williamson, TanjaImage Analysis with Machine Learning: Tile-drain detection and delineation in agricultural landscapes
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