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  1. CDI's goal is to increase communication between our members to help leverage existing expertise and resources. 
    1. Place comments directly on the wiki page for the statement of interest. These comments and their responses may be taken into account by others before they vote.
    2. We are looking for constructive comments, suggestions, support, and/or notification of similar efforts that may help project teams to refine their plans. 
    3. Comments can be made if you are logged in to the wiki as a CDI member.
  2. You can view the statements individually on the forum, or download a .zip file of all statements. 
    1. Download a .zip file of all 21 Statements of Interest: (v.2, uploaded 10/20, has some minor corrections for administrative purposes.)
    2. Download a prepared comment sheet: CDI-FY20-StatementofInterestList.xlsx
    3. Click "Show Advanced Filters" to see options sort the list alphabetically or other ways. 
  3. Project principal investigators are encouraged to respond to comments. 
  4. All CDI members will receive an email on October 25, 2019 with instructions on how to rank their top statements of interest.
    1. Please consider all statements of interest when voting. 
    2. Only those that are on our mailing list by the end of October 24 will be able to vote this year. If you think you should be able to vote, but do not receive instructions from "Community for Data Integration <>" on October 25, email 
  5. If you have any questions, email

Lightning talks

The lightning presentation session recording and slides from October 23 are available on this wiki page.

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