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Ignite Open Innovation (OI) Forum

Series of talks and open discussions to inform the USGS Open Innovation Strategy

Introduction and Announcements

Sophia B Liu is the lead coordinator for the CDI Open Innovation Community, an Innovation Specialist at the Science and Decisions Center, and the USGS Crowdsourcing and Citizen Science Coordinator. Sophia will provide an introduction to the Open Innovation Community and announcements on other related events and resources.

Participating in the USGS Open Innovation Strategy

Sophia is leading the USGS Open Innovation Strategy and will discuss how you can participate in this strategy, the collaboration platforms and tools that will be used, and the types of presentations and working group meetings that will be proposed. This is intended to be an interactive discussion to gather suggestions and questions using a Mentimeter poll.

Video Recording

 Sophia B Liu - Participating in the USGS Open Innovation Strategy.mp4        

Why Open Innovation Matters

Sophia will provide an overview of what is open innovation and why it matters. This presentation is intended to provide brief examples of how open innovation (crowdsourcing, citizen science, prize competitions, etc.) already exists at USGS as well as how we contribute to and use crowdsourced data personally and professionally everyday.

Video Recording

 Sophia B Liu - Why Open Innovation Matters.mp4        

Using Open Innovation to Engage Youth and Underserved Communities in the Pacific Islands

Sheree Watson is an American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Science and Technology Policy Fellow working with the Youth and Education in Science (YES) program in the Office of Science Quality and Integrity (OSQI). Sheree’s experience spans a range of disciplines in aquatic biogeochemistry, as well as an educator in both formal (K-12), and informal STEM education. Sheree will talk about three open innovation USGS projects she is currently developing aimed at youth and underserved communities in the Pacific Islands:

  1. Using Raspberry Shake for educational outreach and seismic signal monitoring with the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory (HVO),
  2. Developing a mobile app to engage communities in the restoration of the keystone and culturally important Hawaiian tree (‘Ōhi’a) with the Pacific Island Ecosystems Research Center (PIERC), and
  3. Developing a mobile app to engage affiliated Pacific Island community members in sea-level rise research with the Pacific Island Climate Adaptation Center (PICASC).

Video Recording

Sheree Watson - Using Open Innovation to Engage Youth and Underserved Communities in the Pacific Islands.mp4     

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